View and Download Linksys SPA administrator user manual online. Administration Guide. SPA Adapter pdf manual download. Also for: Ag, Pap2t. Linksys spa, Z key features • Read online or download PDF • Linksys SPA- User Manual. Below you can find easy to follow sip configuration and setup guide for the Linksys SPA , SPA VoIP adaptor.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice. Linksys is a registered trademark or linksyys of Cisco Systems, Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. As shown, the following devices also provide QoS-enabled IP routers in addition to ports for connecting analog telephone devices: Note The information contained in this guide is not a warranty from Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Chapter 1 Introducing Linksys Analog Telephone Adapters Ensuring Voice Quality Audio Compression Algorithm Speech signals are sampled, quantized, and compressed before they are packetized and transmitted to the other end. For IP Telephony, speech signals are usually sampled at samples per second with ,anual bits per sample.

Chapter 1 Introducing Linksys Analog Telephone Adapters Feature Descriptions Hardware Noise Certain levels of noise can be coupled into the conversational audio signals because of the hardware design. The source can be ambient noise or 60 Hz noise from the power adaptor. Linisys Linksys ATA hardware design minimizes noise coupling. The Linksys ATA tries to contact the list of hosts in the order of their stated priority.

The jitter level decides how aggressively the Linksys ATA tries to shrink the jitter buffer over time to achieve a lower overall delay. This feature can be used to provide advanced mid-call services with third-party-call-control.

Figure illustrates a SIP request for connection to another subscriber in the network. The IP header of the packets sent from the private network to the public network is substituted by NAT with the public IP address and a port assigned by the router. If the same internal host sends a packet with the same source address and port to a different destination, a different mapping is used. It includes the following sections: To clean the equipment, use a slightly moistened paper or cloth towel.

Flashing indicates not connected to the Internet, booting or firmware upgrade. Ethernet Steady green indicates an active connection to the network. Connect to an analog telephone or fax machine using an RJ cable. Power Connect to a 12v DC power supply. Connect to a network device, such as a PC or a switch with an Ethernet cable for accessing the administration web server on the SPA Power Connect to manjal power supply.


It includes the following topics: Chapter 2 Getting Started Establishing Connectivity http: This section describes the architecture and connectivy requirements of the SPA and includes the following topics: Chapter 2 Getting Started Connecting the SPA The secondary modules Module 2, 3, and 4 obtain configuration and firmware upgrades from the primary module and are not managed directly. After entering a value, such as an IP address, press the pound key to indicate you have finished your selection.

Chapter 2 Getting Started Using mznual Administration Web Server For example, to input password liknsys by phone keypad, you need to press the following sequence of digits: After entering a value, press the pound key to indicate end of input. To save value, press 1. The Administrator account name is admin, and the User account name is user.

These account names cannot be changed. The system prompts for the Administrator account password if it has been set. Contact your ISP for more information. The Reboot URL is http: This section includes the following topics: By convention, the manua, uses the extension.

The Linksys Profile Compiler SPC tool compiles a plain-text file containing parameter-value pairs into a properly formatted and encrypted. Element Repetition Any element can be repeated zero or more times by appending a period. To achieve this, one sequence in the plan must start with a pause, with a 0 delay for a Hot Line, and a non-zero delay for a Warm Line.

need user manual an spa & how use hold client? – Linksys Community

But if the Linksys ATA boots up and finds that the SAS line is off-hook, lniksys will remove battery from the line because no audio session is in progress. Step 5 Enable and capture the debug log. This is a hard refresh, which forces Windows Explorer to load new webpages, not cached ones.

Click the Security tab. Click the Default level button.

Make sure the security level is Medium or lower. If the port msnual is not specified, is address assumed. When the user dials orthe call is routed to the PSTN gateway. Broadcast Pkts Dropped Total number of broadcast packets received but not processed.

Broadcast Bytes Dropped Total number of broadcast bytes received but not processed. This is updated when voicemail notification is received. You can also manually modify it to clear or set the flag. Either On or Off. The default is 0. Domain The network domain of the Linksys IP phone. Debug Server Specifies the IP address of the debug server, which logs debug information. The level of detailed output depends on the debug level parameter xpa1001. Select yes or no from the drop-down menu.


The default is It can range from 0 to seconds. The valid range is Gb Dynamic Payload G. If you select no, the parameter is ignored. Confirm Tone Mnaual tone to notify the user that the last input value has been accepted. The default is ; Ring2 Cadence Cadence script for distinctive ring sppa1001.

Linksys SPA-1001 User Manual

Ring3 Cadence Cadence script for distinctive ring 3. Mamual default is 2. The default is Sinusoid. Ring Frequency Frequency of the ringing signal. Valid values are 10— Spa1010. Ring Voltage Ringing voltage. Interdigit Long Timer Long timeout between entering digits when dialing.

The interdigit timer values are used as defaults when dialing. Call Back Deact Code Cancels a callback. Force Gu Code Makes this codec the only codec that can be used for the associated call. The year is optional and uses two or four digits. The range is 6. More Echo Suppression Enable or disable more echo suppresion. The default is no.

Linksys SPA-1001 Manuals

GR Test To use this test, select yes. If enabled, the line cannot be used for outgoing calls. Instead, it auto-answers incoming calls and streams audio RTP packets to the caller.

This feature controls which SIP messages to log. Choices are as follows: User ID Extension number for this line. The default is yes. Conference and Attended Transfer.

Field Description Spa0101 Codec Preferred codec for all calls. The actual codec used in a call still depends on the outcome of the codec negotiation protocol. Select one of the following: The default is Gu. The default is 1. Fax Tone Detect Mode If you want the Gateway to detect the fax tone whether the Gateway is a caller or callee, then select caller or callee.

The dial plan syntax is expanded in the SPA to allow the designation of three parameters to be used with a specific gateway: So, if the G. G Enable To enable the use of the G codec at 32 linosys, select yes.

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