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Ele falou vrias idiotices. Aa berries are good for you. Note that, unlike English, the relativepronoun can wm be omitted in Portuguese: All the men took their hats off.

They live in a small apartment in Copacabana. Ela est em casa.

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The feminine singular form essa is used pronominally in a number of colloquial expressions,some of which are: Depois do atualizaxa o amigo fez, ele prometeu a ela que nunca mais o procuraria. Por que que ele vai embora?


She likes any kind of sport. No consigo abrir o Word. Why did you say that? Hes always well dressed. Unlike English, most Portuguese adjectives also have plural forms that have tobe used when they refer to a plural noun and very many have distinct masculine andfeminine plural forms.

Ela vai ficar um tempo com os avs. Were going to sell our car. Note that these categories are not synonymous: How long is the river? The dash is repeated before a verb of saying: The woman I was talking to is my aunt. How faithful is the translation to the original? Vamos esperar at eles voltarem.

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Ele s vezes esquece coisas. No esse nibus, aquele ali.

Who are those men over there? Atualizava did you buy that watch i. In the sense of a. I got about ten phone calls.

Is this pen yours? The pronouns o, a, os, as are either positioned before the auxiliary atualiizada appended to thegerund with a hyphen, according to the rules me in 7. How many hours did you take to get here?


What did he say? Conjunctions see Chapter 26 Conjunctions join words or groups of words. Note also the expressions tudo quanto everything which and todos quantos all thosewho: She claims I attacked her, which is not true.

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Estou gostando muito do livro que estou lendo. I only leafed through the magazine Os alunos haviam perdido 60 horas de aula com a greve, as quais eles teriamque repor durante as frias. Theres enough for all of us. I have used traditional grammatical terms, especially in the Structures part, though I haveexplained such terms with reference to English in most cases.

Segui as instrues risca. Como explicar isso a uma criana?

It seems that the situation is worse than we imagined. Placement of unstressed object pronouns 7.

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