Its only aim is to give you a kick start on how to use KompoZer. The manual does not even cover all the basic aspects of HTML in detail. Yes, this is a short. KompoZer lets you create your own web pages and publish them on the web. You don’t have to know HTML to use KompoZer; it is as easy to use as a word. Working With Templates. HTML templates are useful in cases where the author has to create several pages which have similar design but different content.

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KompoZer Tutorials ()

As a visual indicator a ” red floppy icon ” icon appears for pages which have been edited but not saved yet. You can also style important words or phrases using the bold Bitalic Ior underline U buttons on the Format Toolbaras has been done in this line.

Kompozee first thing dkcumentation will take care of are the headings and subheadings. The head iompozer of Corbett Tiger Reserver are at Ramnagar. Clicking on the 5th row in 2nd column will create a default table with those dimensions.

Using relative URLs allows you to keep all your linked files in the same place relative to each other, regardless of their location on your hard disk or a web server.

By road it is connected to Delhi, Moradabad, Bareilly and Nanital. If you haven’t already given your page a title, KompoZer prompts you to do so. In the Table Properties dialog, you can set various properties for the table, cell, row or a column, e. If an image location is absolute starts with “http: The visibility of the site manager can be toggled by clicking the F9 button.

The text will be styled according to the default Heading Level-1 style. Born on 25th Julyhe documentatkon up in Kaladhungi and Nanital.

This is followed by a basic formatting section. Yes, this is a short tutorial and some basic albeit unimportant things have been left out.


KompoZer (Webpage Publishing)

This tutorial first introduces you to KompoZer’s User Interface. Similarly, select the text “Visiting Corbett National Park” and make it a level-2 heading. Situated at the junction of the Documentatio and Kumaon hill regions it also boasts of the combination of cultures of people of both regions.

KompoZer’s tool bar user interface consists of:. Even with multiple tabs open, each is handled independently. Use the Page Properties dialog box to enter properties such as the title, author, and komopzer of the document you’re currently working on.

KompoZer|Creating Web Pages with KompoZer

The Composition Toolbar consists of buttons for the most used major operations. You can change the background color documehtation specify komlozer background image for the page you’re currently working on. You can also start a new document which is a template instead of a normal html file. We will use the text given in the next section in the new document to follow the formatting help in this tutorial.

Templates are used to make website management easier as the maintainer will only need to edit the text for a particular page and not worry about the design as it is controlled by the template. To create a web page, use one of the methods described below. Select the text kompoer National Park” at the top of the document and click on the Body Text drop down menu on the Format Toolbar and select Heading 1.

You can also set the default page background and colors for every new page you create in KompoZer. Next section, tells you how to insert elements like images, tables, and forms in your document. Rather than to shift from one window to another for editing more than one document, KompoZer offers the feature of Tabs.

Saving a document in HTML format preserves the document’s formatting, kpmpozer as text styles for example, bold or italictables, links, and images. State transport buses kompozdr from Delhi, Moradabad and Haldwani to Ramnagar. Details on how to use CaScadeS are dcumentation of scope of this tutorial.

Go ahead and try to use a few options, you will learn a few trick this way. By rail tourists can reach Ramnagar by taking a train from New Delhi.


These choices affect the way text and links in your page appear to people viewing the page through a browser. Simple left-click of the mouse on a tag in status bar selects the text surrounded by that tag.

Also the tutorial covers just an introduction on how to use cascading style sheets with the inbuilt editor, CaScadeS. KompoZer’s File Menu contains menu items for all major operations possible while using it. In the KompoZer window you can quickly open the most recent file you’ve been working on dodumentation opening the File menu, choosing Recent Pages, and then selecting the file you want from the list.

More than one document can be opened at the same time with KompoZer in the same window but in different tabs. Files with an extension. If you have unsaved changes, you must first save the page in order to enable this checkbox.

The document’s page title also appears in your list of bookmarks if you bookmark the page. To know which button does what just hover your mouse over the button and a tool tip will appear indicating the function of the button. After you are done, the table should look like the one below:. Then we have small section devoted to styling your document using CSS.

Saving a document in text-only format removes all the HTML tags but preserves the document’s text. You can choose Revert from the File menu to retrieve the most recently saved copy of kompoer document in which you’re working. The text will used as a base to learn basic formatting functions available in KompoZer.

The Format Toolbar is a very useful tool while editing web pages with KompoZer.

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