Joseph Kosuth an American conceptual artist, lives in New York and London, after having . His seminal text ‘Art after Philosophy’, written in , had a major impact on the thinking about art at the time and has been seen since as a kind. 3. Art after Philosophy’. Joseph Kosuth. The fact that it has recently become fashionable for physicists themselves to be sympa~ theeic towards religion marks. Joseph Kosuth’s writings, like his installations, assert that art begins where mere physicality ends. The articles, statements, and interviews collected here.

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His first conceptual work Leaning Glassconsisted of an object, a photograph of it and dictionary definitions of the words denoting it. Often in fact, the closeness between science and philosophy was so great that scientists and philosophers were one and the same person. On the other hand, let us consider why art cannot be or has difficulty when it attempts to zfter a synthetic proposition.

How else can one account for, given his theories — if they have any logic to them at all — his disinterest in Frank Stella, Ad Reinhardt, and others applicable to his historical scheme? He also spent time in the Trobriand islands with the aboriginal tribe that Malinowski phjlosophy studied and wrote on.

The viewer who experiences the work, as well as the artist who makes it, cannot fail to have a history, experiences, memories and beliefs about things other than art. srt

kosuthh Rather the text should perhaps be considered as a historical document, emerging at a particular time in a particular continent and crystallising a particular set of culturally relative beliefs and assumptions. Like the Situationistshe rejected formalism as an exercise in aestheticswith its function to be aesthetic.

Art After Philosophy and After : Collected Writings, 1966-90

For now it is perhaps enough to emphasise that Kosuth uses the term in a very narrow range, in contrast to most standardised definitions. Kosuth continued his work, writing, exhibiting and exhibition organizing and rapidly became acknowledged as one of the pioneers of Conceptual art and installation art; initiating language-based works as well as photo-based works and appropriation strategies since the beginning of his work in the mids.

Rey Armenteros rated it really liked it Jun 21, Matias Monteiro rated it really liked it Feb 01, The fact that it has recently become fashionable for physicists themselves to be sympathetic toward religion. His activity has consistently explored the production and role of language and meaning within art.


Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. Each consists of a photograph of one of the artist’s own older works or installations, overlaid in kksuth and bottom corners by two passages of philosophical prose quoted from intellectuals identified only by initials they include Jacques DerridaMartin Buber and Julia Kristeva.

To repeat and expand upon quote b: The articles, statements, and interviews collected here, produced over a period of twenty-four years, range over philosophy of language, anthropology, Marxism, jlseph linguistics to discover the common principles that inform representation while negotiating the endlessly complex debates about art of the last two decades.

Joseph Kosuth – Wikipedia

Only recently did I realize after meeting Terry Atkinson that he and Michael Baldwin share similar, though certainly not att, opinions to kkosuth. Thus, judgments on what it looks like correspond to taste, and we can see that throughout history different examples of architecture are praised at different times depending on the aesthetics of particular epochs. Kosuth himself did come to ameliorate his position.

What is the function of art, or the nature of art? Steven rated it it was amazing Kosuh 25, The nearly exclusive focus on the said by twentieth-century analytical linguistic philosophers is the shared contention that the unsaid is unsaid because it is unsayable.

Perhaps this can be answered by looking into the difference between our time and the centuries preceding us. Lou rated it liked it Apr 23, Be the first to ask a question about Art After Philosophy and After. Art as art is nothing but art. After all, man in even the nineteenth century lived in a fairly standardized visual environment.

We have the cinema, and color television, as well as the man-made spectacle of the lights of Las Vegas or the skyscrapers of New York City. In the early s, concerned with his “ethnocentricity as a white, male artist”, Kosuth enrolled in the New School to study anthropology.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Although these artists Laurence Weiner and Victor Burgin should also be mentioned here were working towards similar ends at a similar time, it would nevertheless be wrong to perceive them as any kind of homogenous group.

Ruth Barker

To translate this into text, as Kosuth did in with Art After Philosophy, and which I will attempt to do here in response to the question posed, first of all requires a clear demarcation of ground and a working definition of the terms that will be used. Retrieved from ” https: Since Josepu has also begun working on various permanent public commissions. Kosuth defines art as ideally being entirely separate from the world, but this proposition seems to flout the contemporary understanding which describes the nature of our ,osuth of what that world might be, as fluctuating, as josepu and culturally specific.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Hardcoverpages. Attitudes shift just as culture and societal experience changes, and the text of Art After Kosutg is arguably as significant for all the things which hoseph does not say, as for its youthfully didactic content.

Empirical questions are one and all hypotheses, which may be confirmed or discredited in actual sense experience. If an artist accepts painting or sculpture he is accepting the tradition that goes with it.

Frank Jones rated it really liked it Apr 14, Hung on walls painted his signature dark gray, Kosuth’s later, large photomontages trace a kind of artistic and intellectual autobiography. The scientific basis of these older discussions has been washed away, and with their disappearance have gone all the arguments.

One can easily sympathize with his desire to connect, say, Tiepolo with Jules Olitski. The significance of the mechanics of this is paramount. It is the aspect of art, or art-related things such as ideas, artists, practices etc.

Rather than pin down his vocabulary here arh, Kosuth instead frames it by incorporating a series of quotations from a range of critical thinkers into the matter of his essay, and it is this aftrr which becomes important as we consider his ary. InArt Forum printed a number of responses from artists to the question of the kinds of political action which should be taken by artists[21].

All art after Duchamp is conceptual in nature because art only exists conceptually. And what does his taste reflect?

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