“Jared invented the field as far as I’m concerned.” – Jesse May, The Voice of Poker. “Jared Tendler is a pioneer of the poker mental game. No one else even. Written by Jared Tendler, Barry Carter, Audiobook narrated by Jared Tendler. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible ?. A review of Jared Tendler’s book The Mental Game of Poker. I highly recommend it for all serious poker players. It is one-of-a-kind.

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It’s probably a good book to consult if you want to make a serious go at poker, especially if you have learned that tilt is a problem for you. Sometimes these ups and downs okay, usually the downs begin to affect me emotionally. Clear and concise Easy concepts to grasp that jzred already improved my game. Jessica rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Books by Jared Tendler.

But no book like this existed back in the day. James Sweeney Narrated by: If you are looking to stop just playing poker and are ready to start earning money by doing so, then this is the audiobook for you! Dealing with Limps in the Early Stages. The mental-game skills Tendler shares in this book will definitely help you become a more well-rounded player with a deeper understanding of how to beat tenler game. This is an article highlighting the question of the menta, thread about the ability to read players versus He divides tilt into seven types: He if states a lot of complex ideas, and I might just be partial to accents, but his narration was a breath of fresh air.


Review of Jared Tendler’s Mental Game of Poker

Try to win every hand. Early Game Opening Ranges. These were important turning points for both games. It is worth its reputation. Refresh and try again. Filip rated it really liked it Dec 19, From there he created content for Stox Poker and went on to write mentao two books.

You call hands you shouldn’t, you bluff when you shouldn’t, you bet too big, or fold too soon I actually wrote him foolishing thinking I could afford his help and he kindly directed me to the book, rather than one-on-one coaching.

Tendler’s book does a great job of giving things names with strategies to overcome.

Managed to limp through the first hour but heard nothing of value. It’s not a cure for your mental game issues but at least it teaches you to inject logic into situations where your emotions have overtaken logic. Jared’s book and methods are to the mental side of poker what Doyle’s Super Systew is to the strategy side of poker.

Jonathan Little Narrated by: If I could criticize anything it was the previously mentioned circular nature of the book, but as the mental game topics frequently overlap I don’t know how Tendler could have avoided this without leaving gaps in sections. The narration is terrible It is not the type of material that eloquently transfers to audio.

Episode 68 Jared Tendler on the Mental Game of Poker

I believe if I had read this book years ago I would be a much stronger player today, because I would have cut out some of the time I spent figuring this stuff out on my own. Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Jared Tendler? Think the solution to running bad is to stop playing or change stakes. Just like understanding how other people think about strategy helps your game, so is understanding how people might be feeling. He explains the causes of each tilt, how to manage it, and even how to use it to become a better player.


Good listen really helped This is a great way to learn poker from a different angle – can’t wait to try it the next time I play. Click here to download.

The Mental Game of Poker (Audiobook) by Jared Tendler, Barry Carter |

The style of delivery was generally pretty awful. I fall in that trap too.

If you send us an email with the details to s… twitter. Play badly when the stakes are too small for them to care.

Eric Michael Summerer Length: Poker is a game of jaed many variables; table position, flop texture, the number of players in a hand, the personalities of your opponents, and so much more. Now I’m looking forward to going back and studying certain sections one at a time. I sat down to listen to the first two chapters but got hooked. Explains how nonsense behaviour we often adopt in a situations that are completely natural and predictable due to our short term thinking.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Tilt happens to every player. Probably the most famous section of the book is Tendler’s careful dissection of tilt.

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