STANDARD. ISO/IEC. Third edition. Information technology — Open Systems. Interconnection — Network service definition. Technologies de. Find the most up-to-date version of ISO/IEC at Engineering ISO/IEC Information technology – Structure for the identification of organizations and ISO/IEC forms the basis of OSI naming under ISO/IEC

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Neumattstrasse 7 CH Dietikon Switzerland. None, except all fields are left justified Description of organizations covered by the coding system: Box N Stabekk, Norway Tel: FTI – Ediforum Italia will register at their highest level.

Telecommunication administrations and public iex. Length of the registered organization id The length is up to 15 characters. Information technology lso Data communications — X. The shipping and transport industry. ICD, 4 uec digits Second field: SIA runs the Italian national interbank network and the gateway to the SWIFT international network; SIA develops and manages the applications and systems supporting electronic financial markets for the negotiation of government bonds and derivatives.

Bell Atlantic N. It is also necessary for 1 or more of these sites to be able to connect to non-LEGO companies. It has become a key to exchange business messages orders, invoices, Feb 98 Additional comments: Any company or organization that participates in a Citicorp Global Information network environment.

Information technology — Protocol for providing the OSI connectionless-mode transport service.

CAN/CSA-ISO/IEC | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

The network of this group Alcanet encompasses companies and organizations throughout the world. Identification of organization identification schemes [1] defines a structure for the identification of organizations and parts thereof. Organizations using Affable Software applications and data standards Notes on use of the code: The ICD code forms the initial part of the Workshop naming and addressing tree.


Affable Software Data Interchange Codes. Organizations in the world that have business or technical transactions with Toshiba Corporation and registered as member organizations of the coding system for ISO Parts Library standard based electronic data interchange Toshiba Corporation, and its affiliates world-wide Notes on use of the code: Used as an ATM address prefix by. Any company or organization operating in an Italian OSI networking enviroment.

Digital Equipment Corporation and associated companies Notes on use of the code: The Instance is a field which indicates the specific instance of the organization, network element or application service. Check character The BN is a 15 character broken into a 9 digit root followed by a 6 character account identifier.

Standards Council of Canada

The BN is a numbering system whose purpose is to uniquely identify private and public sector entities, i. No check digits needed. Addition ied the Internet protocol address format identifier. Upon agreement or per request of the specific organisation. Enterprises; individual enterprises or companies in the field of agriculture, industry, trade, services, Associations; Authorities, regional authorities and public establishments active in France.

Mr Francois Audet Structure of code: The Swiss Chambers of Commerce will register at their highest level: The ICD code will form the initial part of the naming tree for: Reference to this organization identifier in other business transactions is also possible, provided the organizations concerned are registered as members of the coding system Sponsoring authority: Currently Finland Post Ltd.


These services include outsourcing services and, for most of their corporate customers, high security centralized links to the whole bank system. Information 8384 — Computer graphics — Metafile for the storage and transfer of picture description information — Part 4: The Workshop is an open, public, international forum.

Mr Knut Smaaland Tel: RoomElgin St.

Views Read Edit View history. This network encompasses companies and organizations around the world. No separators are required. The organisation code is used Worldwide by ICI application systems to identify ICI registered companies in machine to machine communications.

None at the present time except that all fields are left justified. Two octets, fixed lenght. The Net is the Automation. Manufacturing organizations that produce items of industrial production equipment, and whose items are published in industrial plant equipment izo.

This encompasses Hewlett – Packard sites throughout the world. Digital Equipment Europe S.

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