HT150X02 100 PDF

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This module has a The operational and non-operational maximum voltage and current values are listed in Table 2. The supply voltage is measured and specified at the interface connector of LCM. Test Pattern of power supply current a Typ: Windows XP pattern b Max: Skip sub ut150x02 pattern 2. The lamp frequency should be selected as different as possible from the horizontal synchronous frequency and its harmonics to avoid interference, which may cause line flow on the display 4.

The voltage above this value should be applied to ht510x02 lamps for more than 1 second to start-up. Otherwise the lamps may not be turned on. This is inverter output voltage 5. The measurement shall be executed after 30 minutes warm-up period. VDD shall be 3. Viewing angle is the angle at which the contrast ratio is greater than Luminance shall be measured with all pixels in the view field set first to white, then to the dark black state.


Luminance when displaying a white raster Luminance when displaying a black raster 2. Center Luminance of white is defined as the LCD surface. Luminance shall be measured with all pixels in the view field set first to white.

The White luminance uniformity on LCD surface is then expressed as: The color chromaticity coordinates specified in Table 4. Measurements shall be made at the center of the panel.

Set of 2 CCFL Backlight Assemblies for 15″ BoeHydis HTX

Cross-Talk of one area of the LCD surface by another shall be measured by comparing the luminance YA of a 25mm diameter area, with all display pixels set to a gray level, to the luminance YB of that same area when any adjacent area is driven dark. Do not keep the interface signal high impedance when power is on. Back Light must be turn on after power for logic and interface signal are valid. Other parameters are shown in Table 5.

The surface of the LCD has an anti-glare coating to minimize reflection and a coating to reduce scratching. Peel a protection sheet off from the LCD panel surface as slowly as possible.

As the LCD panel and back – light element are made from fragile ut150x02 material, impulse and pressure to the LCD module should be avoided. As the surface of the polarizer is very soft and easily scratched, use a soft dry cloth without chemicals for cleaning.


Do not pull the interface connector in or out while the LCD module is operating.

Put the module display side down on a flat horizontal plane. Handle connectors and cables with care.

Original HT150X02-100 15″ 1024*768 TFT LCD DISPLAY PANEL HT150X02 100

If any one of these signals is lost, the LCD panel would be damaged. Obey the supply voltage sequence. If wrong sequence is applied, the module would be damaged. Storage in an electro-conductive polymer packing pouch and under relatively low temperature atmosphere is recommended.

Warranty & Support

Applying ht15x002 pattern for a long time may cause image sticking. Do not re-adjust variable resistor or switch etc. When returning the module for repair or etc.

We recommend ht150x002 use the original shipping packages. As shown in figure, place Modules bundled shielding bag in box. Place a cover on the top of the box.

See next page for detail description. Packing Date FG Code:

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