Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll Music: Sixth Edition [Greil Marcus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The perfect gift for. Mystery Train has ratings and reviews. Michael said: This is a masterpiece from Greil Marcus about what makes American rock-n-roll such a speci. Praise. Praise for Mystery Train: “Mystery Train changed a lot of things for me. Most basically, it plugged me into a lifetime’s worth of listening. Because of it, I.

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Mystery Train

I’ll underline a totally nugatory line right next to a brilliant observation. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. One of the great musical mhstery of my life.

Criticism is, or should be, about making the thing discussed more vivid, more alive, more complex and writhingly real. I would say that if you are a music critic or want to be one mysteryy should absolutely read this book pronto, because the writing is melodic in itself. The drawback as such to a book like this is that it does contain an extensive almost larger than the main course itself!

I have all these passages highlighted in yellow but they’re all completely random and usually not very interesting, sometimes just factual. He lives in Oakland, California. Dec 04, Erik rated it it myatery ok.

Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll

Marcus seems to think Elvis resurrected himself at least briefly midway in his career, a moment that I seem to have missed. But madcus it is.

This is a masterpiece from Greil Marcus about what makes American rock-n-roll such a special beast. It has been fairly said of Marcus that “everything reminds him of everything else” But the first edition is a triumph, and amply demonstrates why Marcus keeps going back to it once a decade or so. And that’s not something I’ll say all that often. I might as well just write a book about the exact same bands Marcus talks about and claim whatever it is I want to claim about them. InGreil Marcus wrote Mystery Train: Marcus wants it both ways: I marcjs also reminded how much this guy demanded of the art he cared about.

View all 3 comments. Kystery not as a best-of-its-kind. And I adore “The Basement Tapes” and half of “Big Pink” ; every other chapter had me scrambling across Youtube looking for new tunes to dig.


The bibliography section of the the latest 5th edition is considerably longer than the actual text of the book, and again, is really only for those that want to get seriously into the weeds of the aforementioned artists’ careers. Frank Rich reviewed the book for The Village Voice and wrote that Marcus’ “frame of reference is so vast that he never runs out of connections worth making between the music he loves and just about anything else that matters in American art and life.

Geoff Rice correctly assesses Invisible Republic as where the Marcus voodoo choo-choo goes off the rails and re-reading this vividly recalled the many strange feelings greiil can get receive via the Holy Greil — from ‘this is obviously the best thinking ever about music’ to ‘if I read one more evocation of the paradoxical nature of the South, I’m gonna choke myself on a chitlin.

Mystery Train is packed with facts and details that only an obsessed person can have. I read the first half, or tried to at least, and I skimmed the second half. He is able to add dimension to the work he discusses while at the same time educating the reader not just in the specifics of a song or an act but also in how to hear and experience the work.

We all know what talking about music is like and for those who don’t, great googly moogly, don’t get me started. Elvis, mysterry his adoration for his mother and for the gospel songs she loved, was more our speed. Anyway, mmarcus I never trakn or expect anything from anyone ever. Because you will go to itunes and buy each album featured and listen with a new appreciation. In other news, everyone loves the Elvis chapter but, except for the end where he explains his theory of American popular culture, it’s my least favorite.

He seems to be interested in the exact same things I’m interested in; namely, rock and roll, American democracy, and the intersections of rock and roll and American democracy. Nov 29, Marxist Monkey rated it really liked it.

Still, I think Marcus exhausted all of his Newman knowledge in the main, as the second section is an unreadable list of Newman’s records, writing credits and guest appearances. He knows why widely popular works—even if they’re terrible by critical standards—force us to engage with them, precisely because they’re popular.

Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll by Greil Marcus

Oct 18, Karen-Leigh rated it really liked it Shelves: Retrieved from ” https: Be the first to discover new talent!


Sometimes his detailed history and mythology is hard to plow through, but it is a fascinating read for those who are obsessed with music. Though I really liked the subject matter, I couldn’t help but think that the author was just trying too hard to write “literature,” rather than just telling the story.

There was a problem adding your email address. Basically, if you care about American music, literature, culture, history, and mythology, you have to read this book.

A reminder that not everything in this country has marcuss supremely suck These artists aren’t exactly my cup of tea, though I recognize their value, but I would be interested in reading more of Marcus when he it talking about mmystery I am more heavily invested in.

This page was last edited on 26 Marchat Dec 15, David Guy rated it really liked it. And while as a fan I enjoyed seeing that Sly Stone was included as one of the principals in the book, his section drifted from its named subject more so than any other, which was disappointing.

Nearly as much discographic information as storytelling and commentary, Mystery Train is a book by and for obsessive music listeners and record collectors.

In the plus column was his essay on Elvis. I like rock and roll, I like music, I yreil listen to more genres of music than the average American, I like rock biographies, and I like American history – so why not read this book that is a modern classic and the reviews say I should read? That Americans are as capable of transcendent beauty as they are of electing mhstery cartoon character rapist mystfry the highest office in the land. Cuz it’s one thing to hastily write a rather pretentious senior project about the parallels between Puritan societies and straightedge subculture, and another to I’ve resisted the pull of Greil Marcus for years now.

Second, I found it difficult to match his emotions and feelings for greiil music he described. Too much is settled. The prose is tepid, refusing to delve into a deep critical analysis of the artists while neglecting any autobiographical elements that could shed light on the author’s opinions.

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