Abolished Rites: Or, Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship [Amos H Gottschall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This work has been selected . Abolished Rites, or Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship (Classic Reprint) [Amos H. Gottschall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from. Title: Abolished rites: or, Spiritual, not ceremonial worship /; Contributor Names: Gottschall, Amos H. Created / Published: Harrisburg, Pa.: The Christian Union.

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And, when reassumed ritws after centuries, the appeal is not to Christ’s, or apostolic authority, but to tradition. Jesus plainly declared that upon the two commandments, Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. Their great apostle and founder, George Fox, was a man of intense earnestness in his investigation of religious truth, willing to go wherever the truth, as he understood it, might lead him, and to bear any reproach that might be laid on him because of his profession.

Abolished Rites by Amos H. Gottschall

Gottschall was born in Lancaster, Gottsdhall. The bishop who supplied the baptisteries acquired the most parishes. On the other hand, if the advocates of ordinances persecute us because we abolisheed satisfied with CHRIST ALONE, and reject all fleshly emblems which He abolished, they prove that they are occupied with something besides Christ, that they lack His mind and spirit, and at the same time show that the observance of fleshly ceremonies has not imparted to them the fruits of the Spirit.

Thinkest thou this, O, vain man and bigot? This document is all that we have found of his spiritual writings. The work is probably the most able and complete one on the abolishment of rites and ceremonies ever issued. Nothing outward or extrinsic strictly belongs to it. Read the fifteenth and twenty-first chapters of Acts.

It is a mistake to teach that ritea in Christ by faith is not sufficient, but that some rite, ceremony, or type, administered by human hands, is necessary to completeness and obedience. I ask not of him with whom I would unite in love, are you of my church? This Baptist Doctor of Divinity says: Is not the idea wholly Popish and priestly?

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The Christian Church, or dispensation, may, in a sense, be said to have grown out of the Jewish, and the washings, or baptisms, and the Passover Supper of that ceremonial system, seems to have gottschalk so implanted into the minds and customs of some, that they may not always have been fully dropped by all. The Quakers teach salvation to be obtained only through the death and merits of Christ.

Right here is where many Christians make a mistake by adhering to that which was of the Mosaic dispensation, and was never intended to be kept up by the Church in the gospel age. Is there any word in the New Testament that answers to the word sacraments, or declares who shall administer them?

The pages of martyrology prove that during the gotttschall centuries of the Church a countless host of worthies passed up to join the blood-washed throng by way of fire, rack, knife, water, and every invention of cruelty and murder that religious monsters could invent ; and for the very reason that they refused to make an idol of bread and wine.

We have an altar, whereof they have no right to eat which serve the tabernacle.

Gottschall, Amos H. | The Online Books Page

If we really have Christ by faith, who is the end of everything typical, why should we still cling to the shadow? Is it the Congregational Church? Christ, the Teacher and Redeemer of all, broke down all these ceremonial walls of partition.

For this reason baptismal churches are called Titular churches. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if gottschhall have love one to another.

Others claim to receive a blessing in the observance of ordinances. Is this ritual then and the supper, about which as many gottschzll and as many disputes have arisen found woven into Paul’s lofty catholic position, to secure the unity and purity of the Church?


When God has finished the work of a soul’s salvation, by the mighty agency of His Holy Spirit, through the new birth, and most emphatically teaches in His Word that in the acceptance of His Son as our Saviour, and an implicit soul rest upon the vicarious atonement of Christ, we are complete, who shall say we need something that a man can abolishdd to make us more complete or acceptable?

Strange as it seems, even in New England their trials were most severe ; a godly woman and three men of culture and earnest piety were actually hanged on Boston Commons for their faith.

Many of the more modern Reformers never fully cut loose from the ceremonies of Judaism and Catholicism, but carried some of them, namely, water baptism and the supper, along out with them. Robison, the Baptist historian, on this line says: The author died some years ago. Ordinances are named in the New Testament, but ever as Jewish, and to be disregarded and renounced. No man’s spiritual good is at the disposal of any administrator of rites.

Abolished Rites : Or, Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship

While Christ in very deed did abolish rites and ceremonies at the cross, the time for their actual cessation was not declared till Heb. I did so, and before we had spoke many words, our souls took acquaintance with each other.

Hendricks in his work on baptism says: Then why should we ignore or denounce one another because we do not see alike in what are, at best, but non-essentials, in the great matter of salvation?

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