According to Faridabad Master Plan , HUDA will develop residential facilities in few areas, urbanisation will reach to rural areas of. ( Votes). Master Plan for Faridabad | Greater Faridabad. Development Plan for Faridabad; Water Supply for Faridabad; Sewerage System for Faridabad . Download Faridabad Master Plan Map and government notification. Also check out summary of master development plan of faridabad Save time!.

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An area of hectares has been proposed for ;lan and Communication. As described above, the circulation system of the town shall have Gridiron System.

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An area of 2, hectares has been proposed for commercial purposes. Existing Faridabad-Dankaur road widened to 30 metre along with 30 metre wide green belt on both sides up to urbanizable limit. In addition, plznand have been proposed as the city centre. In the faridabad master planall existing public utility madter have been accommodated. This Plan had proposals for urbanization from Delhi border in the North, up to Foothills of Aravalli ranges in the West, beyond Gurgaon-Agra Canal in the East and upto the revenue estate of village Jharsently in the South.

Haryana Government Notifies Faridabad Master Plan

Faridabad has lagged behind in these sectors and is now gearing up to catch up with Gurgaon and Noida. It envisages a population of This Plan had proposals for urbanization from Delhi border in the North, up to Foothills of Aravalli ranges in the West, beyond Gurugram-Agra Canal in the East and up faridaad the revenue estate of village Jharsently in the South. For execution of any project, pan project proponent will have to obtain environmental clearance in terms of notification dated the 14 th September,which is mandatory in nature.

Faridaba, the sites of sewage disposal have been proposed in the area of east Agra Canal. For proper linkages of urbanizable proposals on eastern and western side of the Railway line, it is necessary to have Railway Bridges.

In the new urbanizable area, suitable sites for KV and KV substations have been allocated for the development of required infrastructure for transmission and distribution of electricity in consonance with the requirement of HVPNL.


Apart from this, over hectares have been proposed for public utility purposes which include a site for sewage disposal in the east Agra Canal. Two linkages from the outer peripheral road, near sector 92 and near sector 95 have been proposed for providing connectivity to Noida and Greater Noida respectively.

It is one of the largest agglomerations consisting of three towns, namely Faridabad Old, Ballabgarh and N. In the Development Plan, all existing public utility sites have been accommodated. The river Yamuna forms the eastern kaster boundary with Uttar Pradesh. More and more investments are flowing into various sectors of industry, commerce and real estate.

Existing Faridabad-Dankaur road from urbanizable limit to U. These roads are the sector dividing roads, which have been shown as V-2 on the present Plan.

Faridabad is well connected with other parts of the country by Rail and Road. For smooth movement of traffic in the proposed urbanizable area, an mmaster system of transportation and road network has been provided.

Faridabad Master Plan – Myfaridabad Community Portal

In addition, sectorand have been proposed as city centre. Also, as per faridabad master plansite of Inter State Bus Stand has been proposed in sector 12 which has already been transferred farudabad the Transport Department. For a projected population of 10 lacs for the yeara draft development mastwr was published-vide Gazette notification No. Additional, Transport and Communication areas have been proposed in different parts of the town depending on the future demand.

Here are few other features of the approved master plan However, for public and semi public use, the town level facilities, which include colleges and Hospitals, have been proposed in the Faridabad Master Plan As per the above figures it is clear that there is a descending trend of population in Faridabad for the last 20 years. It also carries the major portion of Intra-city volume of traffic, resulting in lot of congestion on this road.

Provision of multi-level parking for each acres urbanizable area and other small town level infrastructure facilities such as site for Telephone Exchange, site for Transit Station for Solid Waste Disposal, site for Rain Basera etc. In addition to the already proposed 75 metre wide eastern peripheral road in the Final Development Plan A.

The plan has proposals for urbanisation of areas from Delhi border in the north up to foothills of Aravalli ranges in the west, beyond Gurugram-Agra Canal in the east and up to the revenue estate of village Jharsently in the south.

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Similarly, the restrictions applicable to eco-sensitive zones or for protection of environment, in any manner shall also be followed and implemented. The draft development plan of Faridabad also takes into account the systematic development of rural areas in line with the urban localities.

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Faridabad Master Plan 2031 Report, Faridabad Master Plan Map & Details

Your information is safe with us. Faridabad is the largest city in the north Indian state of Haryana, in Faridabad district. An area of hectares has been proposed for residential purpose on the basis of average residential density of persons per hectare PPH.

In addition to special zone-1, another special faridabas i. Faridabad enjoys a prime location both geographically and politically. A lot of industrial activities have already come up in the controlled areas after obtaining the change of land use permissions from the competent authority.

Due to the existence of industries in sector 13, the land use of sector has been changed from institutional to industrial-cum-institutional.

An area of hectares, has been proposed for commercial purpose. The length of the urbanizable area in the Final Development Plan of is about 24 pla and width 12 kilometers towards western side of the above urbanizable area, there is a rocky undulating area, garidabad urbanization is not feasible.

Check out the Summary of Faridabad master plan below. The Draft Development Plan, A. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. The growth trend of the population in the area covered under this plan has been given in the following table along with the projections upto the perspective period:. Llan along with 30 metre wide green belt on both sides. Since there is a tendency of converting existing residential areas into commercial areas along major roads, the present plan proposes commercial land use along major roads in a linear pattern along the sector roads between various sectors to curb faricabad tendency to convert residential areas into commercial use.

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