: Basic Manual Of Knife Fighting (): William L. China, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel William Ewart Fairbairn, then. He is best known as the co-inventor of the famous Sykes-Fairbairn knife. . “Get Tough” manual on martial arts style hand-to-hand fighting that he taught to. Does anyone know any specifics on W.E. Fairbairn’s knife fighting methods? The Fairbairn Manual Of Knife Fighting (Paladin Press).pdf.

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When making a “Thrust” you are in a lunging position, with your arm extended forward to its full length, leaving you “wide open” to attach by one or more of your other opponents. At all other times, the grip should be mainly with the fingers and thumb.

Fairbairn to North Americaand Sykes to SOE, where he trained special agents for behind the lines duties [ clarification needed ].

A recruit, trained fairairn Knife Fighting and equiped with a well balanced, razor sharp knife, has a wonderful psychological advantage over an opponent who has not received such training. Do not “protect” wounds. Material that I have added is so identified.

Defendu – Wikipedia

Contact the copyright holder for further information. Anthony Biddlethese highly effective skills were taught to U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The knife is controlled by the thumb and forefinger. Dur i ng a and b no reports were received of the bayonet hav i ng been used to any great extent, but i n c the bayonet was reported to have been very effect i ve i n Trench f i ght i ng, a l so during the South African War it was put to good use.

William E. Fairbairn

Note – So that the reader will not think that the reason for failing to re-load was owing to the lack of proper manuzl, let me here state that the Shanghai Municipal Police had the most up- to-date IN-door Pistol Range in the world. This page was last edited on 1 Octoberat Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This introduction of ‘The Fairbairn Fighting System’ at Camp X in conjunction with input from many highly skilled instructors with various backgrounds and fighting skills was the beginning of the evolution of Defendu.


In the accompanying diagram Fig. Pay attention to timing.

Full text of “The Fairbairn Manual Of Knife Fighting”

Log in or Sign up. That decided me to cut the un- armed combat Judo and pass on to the Knife Fighting. Arm shoulder high – reverse the hand – back of the hand down.

No, create an account now. In close-quarter fighting there comes a time when weapons have to be re-loaded.

Students are also taught to always take initiative, employ artifice, and remains at offense as no block or parry were found on the system. This is the time when a well balanced fighting knife, in the hands of a man trained to use it scientifically, becomes the most deadly weapon it is possible to have.

Accordingly, his son requested that I edit, revise, and rewrite the manuscript for publication. CarolMay 18, He created his own fighting system known as Defendu. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Wikipedia articles needing clarification from November Students not taking part in the exercise will be “At Ease” on the top of the slope and instructed to provide the “Off stage noises”.

Never go to the ground with an attacker. Be th i s as it may, we sti ll contend that it shou l d be rep l aced by a we ll ba l anced f i ghting kn i fe. This rather tends to show We admit that the bayonet was a very effective combat weapon in the bygone days but with the advent of the Flame Thrower, Sub-Machine Gun and Hand Grenade, all close-quarter weapons what chances has a Bayonet Charge of faitbairn successful?

The television series Secrets of War suggested him as a possible inspiration for Q branch in James Bond. VanCiseAug 6, Note – The commands should be given somewhat as in the previous exercise. Particular care must be paid to this otherwise the tendons of your wrist or arm may be strained. Fairbairn published his book, Defenduin [2] re-printed as Scientific Self Defence inillustrating this method and it is here that the term “Defendu” first appeared. It is a hand-to-hand combat system based on practical experience mixed with jujutsu and boxing that was developed to train the Shanghai Municipal Policeand was later taught in expanded fighging to Office of Strategic Services and Special Operations Executive members during World War II.


Scientific studies have shown that the recorded speed of a forward snap-type strike originating from waist-level is 5.

This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat Rex ApplegateDermot M. Evade the weapon before you counterattack. The psychological effect of even a slight wound in the stomach is such that it is likely to throw your opponent into confusion. Archived from the original on July 14, He developed hand-to-hand combat methods for the Shanghai Police during the interwar periodas well as for the allied special forces during World War Manua.

If you are attacked by surprise and stabbed, and you cannot run, do not shrink back or “cover” your wounds as this will render your arms and hands vulnerable. Each student should be given a ten minutes “Rest” after completing the course. There are other positions in which the knife can be carried but it is essential kjife the position selected brings the hilt of the knife within easy reach of the drawing hand. This material is first posted 2 February Stress reaction time to any stimulus is approximately one-fifth of a second.

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