Seizures that occur around the menstrual cycle are called catamenial epilepsy. Studies show that changes in seizures are most often in the. Catamenial epilepsy is defined as a pattern of seizures that changes in severity during particular phases of the menstrual cycle, wherein. Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent seizures. Catamenial epilepsy is a subset of epilepsy, which includes women whose.

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In animal models, the thresholds of limbic seizures in female rats are inversely related to estradiol levels, 22 and intravenous or topical administration of estradiol in rabbits increases spontaneous rpilepsy recorded paroxysmal spike discharges. Thus, the role of the PR in seizure susceptibility has not been fully explained. The connection between menstruation and seizures has epiilepsy demonstrated in women with simple partialcomplex partialand generalized tonic-clonic seizures.

New avenue of research: How common is catamenial epilepsy? J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. Adult female rats that have been ovariectomized, a parallel state to menopause, show increased seizure frequency overall.

In normally menstruating women, serum estradiol levels are typically present by day 10 of the menstrual cycle, and persist until ovulation. To date, there are no specific drug treatments for catamenial epilepsy however, non-hormonal and hormonal therapies have been proposed.

Catamenial epilepsy

Definition, prevalence, pathophysiology and treatment”. Progesterone has been shown to lower the number of estrogen receptors, and thus act as an antagonist to estrogen actions. Ganaxolone Presurgical Study Group. To date, a rapid effect of progesterone has been reported in the hippocampus slice excitability, that was blocked by the PR antagonist RU The ovulatory phase is characterized by a surge of estrogen before ovulation, while an associated progesterone surge does not occur until ovulation actually occurs.


Higher ratios of estrogen to progesterone may increase seizure frequency. As menopause progresses, there is cessation of estrogen production by the ovaries. Each patient was studied for up to 8 days, with patients receiving placebo or ganaxolone.

The diagnosis of catamenial epilepsy is established by careful assessment of menstrual and seizure diaries and characterization of cycle type and duration.

There are many unfortunate side effects frequently seen in epileppsy therapy usage, including vaginal dryness, dyspareuniaosteoporosisand cardiovascular disease. Clomiphene therapy in epileptic women with menstrual disorders. During perimenopause, women with catamenial epilepsy generally experience an increase in seizure frequency, and HRT use does not change this likelihood.

Catamenial epilepsy is defined as a pattern of seizures that changes in severity during particular phases of the epileps cycle, wherein estrogens are proconvulsant, increasing the neuronal excitability; and progesterone is anticonvulsant, enhancing GABA-mediated inhibition.

Catamenial Seizures

Skip to main content. The action mechanism of gonadotropin releasing hormone analog is the decreased luteinizing hormone and estrogen production with consequent amenorrhea. Anticonvulsant activity of progesterone and neurosteroids in progesterone receptor knockout mice. This is xatamenial the case for those who experience complex partial seizures. This page was last epklepsy on 27 Decemberat However, in another investigation of women with focal epilepsy, 39 had anovulatory cycles. However HRT use after perimenopause has been significantly associated with an increase in seizure frequency and severity.


Estradiol facilitates the release of neuropeptide Y to suppress hippocampus- dependent seizures. Effect of norethisterone on seizures associated with menstruation. Anovulatory females do not typically have a midcycle surge of progesterone, but still experience a surge in estrogen.

Diagnosis and management of catamenial seizures: a review

Sincewe have been serving the province as a registered health charity incorporated under the statutes of Ontario as a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Ovulatory function in epilepsy. Beta-estradiol increases dentate gyrus inhibition in female rats via augmentation of hilar neuropeptide Y.

Electrical activity during the estrous cycle of the rat: These hormones are synthesized in various locations in the body, including the ovaries, adrenal gland, liver, subcutaneous fat, and brain. In women with anovulatory cycle, in which luteal phase is characterized by low levels of cstamenial, seizure frequency increases in the catamrnial phase because the mid cycle surge in estrogen still occurs, without a significant increase in progesterone levels. Epilepsy types Seizure types.

The study population consisted of 52 inpatients with medically- refractory, complex, partial seizures. Estrone E1estradiol E2and estriol E3 are the three principal circulating estrogens in the body.

Effects of progesterone Animal and humans studies 3839 clearly indicate that catamenial seizures are associated with a rapid decline in progesterone immediately before, during, ctaamenial after menstruation.

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