The best means for this is Dhyana. Today, men with new fangled ideas argue how Dhyana is to be done and even why it should be done. But they do not know . Dhyana Vahini. Series: Vahini, Book 3 want to lead a God-centric life, careful reading of this Vahini will help them to reach the goal of life. Dhyana Vahini – Kindle edition by SSSST Publications Division, N. Kasturi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Of the eight doors mentioned above, Dhyana is the seventh and Samadhi is the eighth. About Publish Join Sign In. The profit of that Namam, you will yourself realise in due course.

Dhyana Vahini

For the cure of illness without resort to drug, Dhyanam is the only remedy. Truth is the most holy virtue.

Concentrated attention must be employed to keep the mind attached only to good promptings. Though all that was said above related to the Atma, some activities have to be undertaken by everyone. For hdyana reason, He assumes Form; the Form that Blesses, in stone, wood or paper that djyana Bhaktha contemplates and meditates upon and worships.

Dhyana gives them the first inkling of that Bliss. If they are absent, the mind is pellucid and pure.


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The same sea which yielded gems, the moon, nectar and the Goddess of Wealth, brought forth the world-destroying Hala-hala poison, too. The Rishis, Bikshus and Yogis of the past realised the goal of life by means of the peace that come to them through Contentment. Bhagavad Gita – The Song of God. As a result, one will start doubting the efficacy of one’s chosen path; One will get concern where he had joy before, disgust where he had joy before, disgust where he had Prema before.

Smashwords – Dhyana Vahini – a book by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Prakriti is the basis of everything in the Universe. This is the primary task. They are themselves becoming evil men.

Adopt Japa and Dhyana to assuage your own grief; overcome your own sorrow; and plunge in the cool waves of the sea of the Grace of the Lord.

Do not mistake this temporary abode as your eternal dwelling place! That is the fixed, illumined experience. That sapling will, without fail, grow into a tree and it will give you the fruit you hope to eat. Ehyana Sai Speaks Volume 1.

This craving for the consequences leads one to the morass of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ and the xhyana of lust and greed. Discipline is very dhyyana for this.

A new understanding dawns, clear and unruffled. So, instead of following this person and that, and taking devious roads and getting lost, it is best to place full faith in the Lord Himself and rely on Him as the only Mother, Father, Guru and Guide. A mind free from Vasana is transmuted and is no longer Mind.


Dhyana is the remedy for this state of mind. His numerous service projects, be it free hospitals, free schools and colleges, free drinking water supply or free housing projects, all stand testimony to His selfless love and compassion for the needy and less privileged.

The Buddhi in us is the witness of all things in this objective world. Is it right to increase his burden? Dhyana Vahini Vahini, no.


It cannot be said to be alive or dead. So feed the mind with the contemplation of the Lord. But the Love that the Lord bears to you depends on your good qualities alone.

When the discipline is practised, as well as later, you must be joyful and not gloomy. Within a short time, your speech and your thoughts will come under your own grip. There is nothing here fit to be worshipped as Vahinii. Concentration is essential for all. From such a mind will flow an uninterrupted stream of Love.

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