DataFlux Integration Server v is no longer available for download from this site . Please open a SAS Technical Support Track to request this download. DataFlux Data Management Studio, DataFlux Data Management Server, and suite that combines data quality, data integration and master data management. If you license the DataFlux Integration Server for SAS and try to submit jobs or test services using the DataFlux Integration Server Manager, jobs.

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SAS is a company which name is known to many people all over the world, even if they not always know exactly what’s the company profile. Originated from North Carolina, SAS is one of the most meaningful companies in software industry, with number of customers reaching tens of eataflux.

It has done plenty of good in different aspects of providing enterprises with IT service, and now is datafluz delivering data integration products which can easily compete with the ones provided by other leading vendors. SAS-DataFlux data integration products are praised commonly for their undoubted functionality, which is consistent with the most active market segments.

SAS data integration and ETL tools overview

For most of typical uses, SAS-DataFLux system is therefore one of the first choices made by customers from all over the world, where the company is present. Beside data integration itself, it also is praised for its ETL, data federation, CDC, and real-time data flow capabilities.


Another good aspect werver it is correlation between data integration and data quality functionalities. SAS is one of the best known companies of software industry, therefore its presence in almost every country of the world isn’t anything surprising.

Dataflux competitors

Instead of surprise, it guarantees a solid base for building relations with customers who are automatically provided with a certainty of working with a loyal and experienced vendor. What it results in is brand image without any scratch on it. It guarantees that software is developed and expanded appropriately with the lntegration tendencies, what is what some competing companies truly miss. Thereupon, the customers of SAS-DataFLux know that they can purchase a solution which they will be able to use efficiently for many years without a need for searching for any better replacement.

Stability and loyalty is what today’s customers, in the age of constantly-changing market conditions, look for from the very first moment.

SAS Downloads: DataFlux Integration Server v

Data integration solutions aren’t any different in this case. Data integration capabilities are therefore influenced with analytics uses, and business intelligence is the thing which SAS-DataFlux data integration solutions are most often chosen for, while other cases are rather a rarity.

Simultaneously, other vendors seem to be more universal. What else shouldn’t happen to such a famous provider datalux SAS-DataFlux, are difficulties with product licensing. Customers generally complain on complicated licensing options as well as on high prices which make SAS-DataFlux data integration products not as competitive as they should be. Total cost of ownership is also high and – for some customers – high enough to keep them away from these products.


Maybe it could change in the nearest future, because the customers point out recent absorption of DataFlux into SAS sales organization as a reason of the aforementioned issues. What’s disputable is if SAS is going to increase attention paid to data integration or not. SAS data integration – DataFlux SAS is a company which name is known to many people all over the world, even if they not always know exactly what’s the company profile. Strengths enough functionality in most meaningful data integration market segments broad capabilities for ETL, integratoon federation, CDC, and real-time data flow integration with data quality functionality large customer base in different countries solid brand image alignment with current ingegration trends good perspectives SAS-DataFlux data integration products are praised commonly for their undoubted functionality, which xerver consistent with the most active market segments.

Weaknesses analytics roots-dependent deployments limited diversity in use cases product licensing high prices strategy changes What SAS has originated from is analytics and this is also what’s reflected in almost all SAS’ future products.

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