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In the second half of the 20th century, sienkiewicz was still an author shaping the tastes of readers in a stronger way than contemporary writers. However, the prose he created belongs to spychlaski genre of historical fantasy, which is intensely developing both in Poland, as well as in other countries par- ticularly Russia.

Such vi- sion of an alternative history of europe is depicted by Jacek Piekara in a popular cycle of books e.

However, at the end of the story he spycyalski us a clue that we the readers are rath- er dreaming our historical reality. Dariusz Domagalski describes reality based on cosmology contained in the cabalistic book sepher Yetzirah dated to the 3rd- 4th century, though some of its fragments may be coming even from the 2nd century BC. The knowledge of Trilogy but not only of it was therefore a kind of a language, it was building a sense of participation in culture and history, even a sense of belonging to the nation.

Another version of living history gelebte Geschichteas an ex- pression of a kind of historical culture, is offered by a tradition started in the United States in the s. Therefore, the fantastic part is here scenography, but not the course of historical drama.

Krzyżacki poker. T. 2

Here, we should indicate Andrzej sapkowski, a writer who has an undoubtedly great significance in the Polish fantasy literature for vari- ous reasons.

In fact, such combination of history and fantasy gives the authors multiple darriusz portunities to surprise and entertain the reader and, at the same time, does not deprive him of some kind of support in the understanding of the meaning of the described events and characters. Many authors of alternative history prefer to focus on a concrete event which was so important for the course of history that its modifi- cation would have created different reality.


In the s, this popularity grew and crossed Polish borders thanks to the cycle of novels about witcher, and to a comic book and board games devoted to this character.

Krzyzacki Poker- Powstaniec

Alternative History and Historical Fantasy in Poland at the Turn of the 20th and 21st Centuries Since the mids, we have been able to observe an increas- ing interest in fantasy literature, especially its sub-genre: Help Center Find new research papers in: It is also difficult to find in the history of literature an example of a similar enchantment of a nation, a more magical effect on the imagination of masses.

In turn, the chapter devoted to the reception of the past on the example of various visual representations created throughout the centuries Visual Representations of the Past in the Contemporary Pub- lic Space shows the way in which historical variability of the content of cultural and social symbolism contained in images accompanies the change of the ways of representation of zpychalski past and higher and higher technological advancement in creating the image of the past.

We can see that the difference between the holiday months and the school months is maintained also in this case: The author not only performs quantitative operations on the data obtained, but he also recognizes their social, cultural and historical location.

Although it shares at least declaratively many of symbolic values of its lrzyacki, however, it experiences the presence of history in the current times in a different way. However, they are already building a literature of another kind. Towers to Heaven 33, Ja, inkwizytor. Touch of Spychaslki about an alternative history of europe, where Jesus comes down from the cross and kills his oppressors.


These two mentioned novels had been filmed, what expanded the influence of the writer even more. Historical Heroes in Contemporary social recep- tion Violetta Julkowska. SuperNova 12 Polish edition: A new ice Age is coming to a large part of Asia and europe changing political, economic and social reality, and even physics, logic and philosophy.

After reading a new book I sometimes catch myself on not being able to remember the name of the main character6. The variables of the interest in these authors, measured by the frequency of entering questions into the google search engine, can be seen on the following chart: This fixation of our imagination caused a situation in which we were experi- encing our century as if on another planet and as if little from contem- porary thought had penetrated us7.

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Firstly, if we take a closer look dariussz the data coming from trends. The question of destructive influence of the Nobel Prize winner had been noticed by Gombrowicz: The fate of the protagonists intertwine with dramatic historical events but their activities do not change the course of events know from historical elaborations.

In Poland, historical novel was fulfilling the needs related to the ex- perience of Polish history, emotional immersion in the history of laud- able victories and defeats bringing martyrdom.

It is more inflicted than given; more open to interpre- tations and modifications than closed in a concrete narrative form and demanding only an emotional reception. Anyway, violence and atrocities are distributed differently. Victor Gollancz Ltd,

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