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Well, I decided to purchase a classier package from Word Press. This comes dsrcy my own domain, which although unnecessary, I intend to take full advantage of it.

Celebration Schedule 2014 (Saturday)

There is much to learn and you already know how much I travel if you have been following me. My learning will be restricted to perhaps an hour per week.

Once I get the appearance and features the way I want them, I will begin to communicate on a more frequent basis. In the meantime, keep your head down and your powder dry.

BTW, the new domain is mappinghappenings. Well, I did not wake up with a pain in my neck, heart, or chest. Sometimes it is difficult to predict the response you get from them. I think that makes life interesting. As social, communicating creatures we spend too much time trying to elicit a response from others, whether it be verbal or nonverbal. By nature, we desire control and predictability in our environment, and that includes our interactions with the people around us.

When thrown off balance by not getting what we expect or want, we often become frustrated. To complicate matters even further, there are some who expect the unexpected in their quest for self-affirmation.

And, since we often assume a person we are communicating with is like-minded, we give them what we desire to get back. Perhaps unconsciously we assume everyone is just like us, or in some cases, not like us. See how complicated this gets? It is the same with music.

I do believe that people, including myself, play certain music, or certain styles of music, over and over again because we are seeking self-affirmation in its predictability. Then there are those who love the unconventional, and for them when I put on a commercially successful piece of music, something that is overplayed in the media, they become bored and that brings frustration.

For them unpredictability has become self-affirming. They think they like what they like and that is all that they like. For many, there are no strange familiars. There is just black and white, sacred and profane, good and bad, yin and yang.

In reality it is all gray; all a blur. The big paradox for me is that the more you try to drill down and focus, seeking clarity, the more things blur. This is a crudely simple example of the application of the uncertainty principle. But for me what keeps life fresh and exciting is opening myself up to something new; new sounds, new people, new places, new ideas, new sensations, new ways of doing something.

When there is too much sameness in my life I become restless. Yet there are times I seek refuge in the familiar and the conventional. When I was just five years old, I liked putting dissonant and discordant sounds together.

The abrupt and unfamiliar excited me. When I was five, I was not seeking a response from anybody else in these aural explorations. I was simply entertaining myself. At that age, I remember hearing a certain song on the radio that I fell in love with. It was interesting to me because of the incorporation of frog and bird calls into the music. A few years later, on Pittsburgh radio station WRYT, there was a classical music program, which often played selections of modern tone classical composers such as Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern.


That was exciting for me because it was different and very much what I imagined in my head when I was just five years old — had I been a composer when I was five, I would have written similar music.

When I was in grade school, in the evenings I would play with the knobs on our AM radios and pull in distant stations none of our radios had FM until my freshman year in high school. Being broadcast in French I did not understand what was said, or which artists were being played.

I just knew I really loved these wild sounds. It was only later that I was able to put names to the artists I had heard. When I was in junior high psychedelic rock began to affect contemporary rock music.

This was a welcome treat for me with all the mixes of instruments from the Near East, Middle Eastern scales, odd time signatures, found sounds, swirling Farfisa organs and fuzz drenched guitars. This is not to say that I never listened to or enjoyed popular and conventional music styles. But I would not say that I had a preference for any particular style. Man, that cover with the trout masked Captain in his top hat and coat, and the red-to-hot-pink background was such an irresistible attraction!

When I got it home during break dagcy put it on the turntable, I have to say that there was just nothing like it I had heard before. Abrupt time changes, odd mutated blues patterns, free jazz style horn blowing dxrcy a wild multi-octave Captain all over the map, sometimes not even able to fit in his obscure lyrics before the end of the song.

There was a familiarity with the styles incorporated into his music, but the way they were pasted together came off like a quilt designed by the blind.

It took some time to warm up to this. The big lesson here was that there dwrcy music out there that could still challenge me. Another lesson was that if you listen enough, it becomes familiar; you begin to anticipate what is next, and then it does not sound so weird.

You begin to hum his odd tunes and sing his oddball lyrics and it suddenly makes sense. However, tragmented doing so I instilled fear and trepidation in all but my closest friends. I feel sorry for those who do not have dimmucci desire to take the time to push the envelope. The multimedia performance and recording artists known as The Residents pushed the envelope much further than Beefheart. The Residents were very experimental and absurdist at first but things changed over time, just as The Beatles changed over time.

Their thematic works became much darker and their music less unconventional. This prompted me to seek out their music. I immediately fell in love with this, and still consider it one of their greatest achievements.

It is true psychedelia in my book; conventionality slightly bent to put you a bit off kilter. The lyrics and the monophonic delivery is haunting. The spoken word portions sound mentally damaged. It is gripping in a waltz-through-a-slowed-down-world manner. After this I had to find everything they ever did. What I found was that each release was extremely different from the others until perhaps the last 10 years. I kept my collection complete up until the past three years when I decided the music was becoming a parody of itself.


Hardy and Homer, if you are reading this, I am sorry. All were already accomplished musical talents when they were diagnosed with schizophrenia with the exception of Sky Saxon and perhaps Craig Smith that manifested itself following years of hallucinogenic drug experimentation.

Celebration Schedule (Saturday) – PDF

My feeling is that had it not been for the drugs the underlying mental illness for most of these artists may have been kept in check but then again, we will never know for sure. I feel a bit guilty about my interest in those who may have been victims of developmental disabilities or mental illness who found an avenue to record and express their musical talents.

This was a school for the developmentally disabled and it must have had a music program as several albums were pressed in the s of performances by the students. Other recordings I have stumbled upon include those of Daniel Johnstona singer-songwriter who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia futurr bipolar disorder.

He produced several cassette tapes in the s and marketed them himself. There is a melancholy delicateness and childlike naivety, not dissimilar to that of Brian Wilson, to his songwriting and singing that draws me in.

I am not sure what to make of him but his music is full of childlike enthusiasm, in the same manner as Jad Fair of Half Japanese. However, Jad is true to rock and is a bit more in touch with the rest of the world. Every human sound imaginable by mouth can be heard in total free-form abandon.

Fischer was known for his ability to create a song on-the-spot, and primarily sang unaccompanied. Many of his songs were autobiographical and presented a picture of a family that did not know how to handle a child with mental illness who primarily communicated with song.

Wesley Willis was a Chicago street singer who dagcy suffered from schizophrenia. He accompanied himself on keyboard and amazingly had a punk rock band, The Wesley Willis Fiasco. Most of his frahmented were quite funny as well as being grossly vulgar, but repetitive in style and lyrical structure. Willis was also a compelling visual artist and much of his artwork appears on his album covers.

He died from complications following surgery at the age of The five artists listed immediately above only recorded in limited pressings, and are not widely known outside the world of collectors.

Each is quite fkture from the other but for all of them their problems are quite evident after a few minutes into these recordings. I am not sure of the reason for my interest in such music. I certainly do not listen with the intention to make fun of their disabilities. I simply find them to be curious and interesting. Perhaps it is due to my psychology background. It is too complicated. I will end this entry dimucxi but I am far from done with this subject.

In my next entry I will discuss other outsider artists who are simply eccentric, or determined and accomplished experimenters. This morning I woke up to the sad news that David Bowie had passed away. I guess you never expect this to happen, yet it is inevitable with all of us. Bowie was one of those artists for whom I feel a great loss.

He was continuously creating and reinventing himself right dlmucci to the end.

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