Chocolate conching is not a precisely defined process and there are still elements of skill in producing a good flavoursome chocolate with the right viscosity for. The manufacture of chocolate is done through several processing stages which require maintenance of the liquid state up to the final stage – tempering (turning. The process of conching is unique to the chocolate industry and critical to the production of fine chocolate. Yet it remains an arcane mystery to.

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That depends upon your source of information. Over-conching results in chocolate that is too soft and which falls apart on the palate immediately. This information was accurate when it was published.

I have noted that there tends to be some confusion when people talk about conching and refining chocolate.

What is Chocolate Conching?

Press out as many creases on the inside of the pan as possible, and fold the overhang back against the outer edges of the pan. These solids are also very intensely flavoured with notes of bitter tannins, green vegetation, acetic acid and volatile elements which can taste like vinegar and nail polish remover.

When the marshmallow-topped brownie and almonds are cooled to room temperature, make the glaze: Lindt’s original conche consisted of a granite roller and granite trough; such a configuration is now called a “long conche” and can take more than a day to process a tonne of chocolate.

Rendering the roasted, winnowed seeds into chocolate begins with grinding them down into a paste where the fats and solids become one smooth, harmonious whole. In the January, issue of Food Processing MagazineManaging Editor John Gregerson authored an article in which he questioned what really happens during the conching process. Before this, virtually all chocolate was consumed as a beverage.

In older equipment, conching periods can range from a few hours up to a few days or longer, and opinions on timing tend to vary widely. When ingredients are mixed in this way, sometimes for up to 78 hours, chocolate can be produced with a mild, rich taste.


Refining and Conching – The Grenada Chocolate Company

Ocnching, place the shallow pan with the almonds in it into the heated oven. This mass is heated and undergoes further grinding to reduce particle size, after which conching begins. The ends of the trough were shaped to allow the chocolate to be thrown back over the roller at the end of each stroke, increasing the surface area exposed to air. Seasonal specialties, as well, but order early; this is a small business. Remove to cooling rack, but leave oven on.

With your hand and fingers, move marshmallows as necessary so they form a single layer all over the top of the brownie layer, right to the edge of the pan.

Ziegler believes that chocolate may undergo minute changes during conching, depending upon methodology, temperature, ingredients, and other factors. Finally, the bowl is held together my an epoxy that has a maximum temperature limit of about F. Regardless, during Conching the sharp taste of the fresh cocoa slowly disappears.

We will worry about over refining when we get there. Although the amount of moisture remaining in the chocolate liquor is low roasting the cocoa ocnching drives off most of itconching may help reduce moisture content slightly. There is a nice high gloss, and you can even see the chocolate sort of spinning off of the granite rollers.

Given that chocilate contains at least a few hundred flavor components, not all of which are known or understood well, he may have a point. Sugar is usually added during the grinding so the finished product could be and sometimes is tempered and molded out into bars.

But, unlike those others, Wen Chocolates have genuine, and genuinely delicious, flavor. This is a somewhat more adult version of rocky road brownies, but they retain a bit of childhood nostalgia, too.


With small whisk or slotted spoon, stir over very low heat until almost melted.

Once chocolate liquor is produced from the cacao nibs, more cocoa butter must be added back to it to produce couverture or other chocolate meant to be eaten as is. They have great color conchong and look appealing on a plate. Or go for the Mint Julep Truffle, with a center of bourbon-and chooclate milk chocolate, crowned with candied mint leaves.

The goal is somewhere in the range of microns. A single machine can carry out all the steps of grinding, mixing, and conching required for small batches of chocolate.

With your palm and fingers or the back of your hand and fingers, press marshmallows gently into brownie layer. Ice cream maker VitaMix Cuisinart Blenders many makes and models Juicers including the Champion, which is the only juicer we know of that will liquify the cocoa nibs, but still doesn’t touch sugar The oh so romantic Mortar and pestle Ball mills homemade they were just too expensive Rock tumblers with steel shot The Spectra melanger has a heavy motor that rotates a granite slab 10 lbs and two large heavy 7.

Legend has it that Lindt mistakenly left a mixer containing chocolate running overnight. And you will need to keep balance in mind in that desirable and undesirable compounds are driven off during conching.

Lindt’s invention rapidly changed chocolate from concuing mainly a drink to being made into bars and other confections. Conching redistributes the substances from the dry cocoa that create flavor into the fat phase. If you notice, it looks a lot like a commercial old style Melangeur.

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