Systems actually supported. Aritech. Advisor Alarm Panel (CD, CD72, CD34), Master Alarm Panel. (Ats). FP Series Fire Detection Panel (FP Aritech CD Installation manual for control panel Page 3This manual contains installation details for the CD72, CD95 and CD TOPKAPI SCADA software for the control of ARITECH intrusion units CD

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Depending on how the system has been programmed, your code may not give you access to all of the options.

Aritech CD7212 Install

A summary of the status of the areas appears. Your system has been programmed with one or two entrance times and one exit time.

Press to exclude a zone from the area. If the code is correct, appears in the display and the dialler then calls your installer raitech establishes a connection. Short beeps can also be emitted – this is indicated with the cd15 Beep Beep.

This ensures that nobody other that the installer can gain access. Far better panel than the Premier range, if your going to change the panel then Galaxy G3,48C or ATSas these are the only panel in the same league. If a zone in the premises is open, that is its doors, windows, etc. It can show you only the messages you want to see, or those you are authorised to see.


Press artech ‘ key twice to see which zones are still open. The dialler will then accept and check whether the connection can be established. All rights More information. AU Australia s largest More information.

If you inadvertently activate an alarm, immediately telephone the central station to prevent an unnecessary response. Before Operating Your Alarm System The dialler then calls the installer back. This manual contains proprietary information.

What you have to enter is on the right of the symbol. The system can also be programmed to present a second display to show a message, such aritch your company name for example. Vision is an advanced microprocessor based alarm system which provides fire and burglar.

Aritech Cd 95 Manual – lostflexi

Further SLC BV reserve the right to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the contents hereof without the obligation of SLC BV to notify any person of any such revision. Figure 2 shows howthey are connected. Understanding cd50 Code Pad lights No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any.


The entire manual should be carefully More information. You can ask the installer to replace it with another message, if you want.


Start display at page:. Solution Operators Manual. With existing atitech PIR detectors, The Zritech can be divided into two independent systems, and the CD95 into eight independent systems.

Use the 0 key to cancel an incorrect entry and to restart a new entry code. Inside Front Glossary of Terms Detectors or key switches can be connected in two ways: If programmed, the buzzer for the system will begin. Leave the secured area now.

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Beeeep The buzzer on a key switch or keypad emits a long beep.

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