The Carthian Movement (Formally known as The Commonwealth of Carthage, and the Anarch Movement respectively) is in these nights, comprised mostly of. Here’s the playtest draft of the Carthian mechanics from Secrets of the .. I thought the Carthians were supposed to be a secular movement. The Lancea Sanctum dates back to Rome (as the Lancea et Sanctum, and later the Lacea+Sanctum), the Invictus began during the s, and.

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Visionaries, rebels, underdogs and malcontents If that kind of carthian tyrant is a chronicle antagonist there should be clearer ways to get around it. Those privileged, powerful Kindred at the very center of the assembly, the so-called Invictus, are rarely opposed, enjoying near-complete authority to dictate and enforce the rule of law as they will.

Carthians detest the notion of rule by divine mandate perceived or otherwiseand they strive to convince those in power that existing structures should be examined thoroughly, and then modified or torn down as necessary in order to create a better world for all Kindred.

Almost everyone is better cwrthian buying a single dot of status. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did itand even restore old versions.

When a vampire comes to the Carthian cause, he typically does so out of a genuine desire to see some radical changes implemented in the secret world of the Damned. The Carthians love orders and systems. All of this fracturing lead to So-Cal being easy pickings for the Kuei-Jin when they arrived in to establish dominion over first the Free State and eventually all of the west coast.

Retrieved from ” http: For decades it was just for the four of them, and Delilah using her social graces managed to grant carthiian representation under Prince Fabienne.

I thought the Carthians were supposed to be a secular movement. Repeatedly, Ursos has been making power plays presumably for the Carthians as a whole, but many are of the opinion, especially a few, including Ed EdisonDante Minelli and even ‘Big Jim’ Milliganthat for every step they cwrthian forward, Ursos forces them to take two steps backward.

The foundation of the Carthian Movement is the notion that vampires needn’t accept the status quo unthinkingly. A couple of friends and I had a look over this, and we found ourselves bewildered and often confused as to how things were supposed to work, or otherwise found several of these hard to accept:.


chiwhitecity / Carthian Movement

His natural tenacity to alter dynamics almost unknowingly and obliviously shifted the political momentum in her favor a few times, each time she worked behind the scenes to secure and make permanent the shifts. Seattle is a city cut directly movment the middle between Carthian and Camarilla, while the front in Southern California has seen new effort and headway made, partially in thanks to a new leadership heading the front for the entire state, and emphasis on Domain to Domain support.

The philosophical crucible of industrialized Europe and a million sudden, tragic opportunities made the gardens where the Carthian seed bore varthian. Each vampire in the circle is beholden to the next and responsible for another, but not directly.

He began to spread the idea of re-branding the movement from the “Anarchs” to the “Carthians,” drawing on the idea of old Carthage.

Even crimes such as slaying another Kindred can carthoan forgiven in time, but a rare elder is an elder that will suffer Neonates to conspire against him.

Something does not work as expected? The Carthians are now split into two factions the Old Guard and the New Guard with numerous offshoots of the two main paradigms.

Anywhere mortals can see labor protestors, anarchists and Socialists clashing with police, Pinkerton men and the capitalist elite, Kindred know who was pulling the strings.

You want to go play rebel out there, feel free. The Chicago Carthians are the status quo, and they’re not ashamed to admit it. Carthians tend to cleave more closely to their mortal pasts than other vampires.


The Anarchs shrugged off the title which had caused confusion since the beggining, and across the western world became the Carthian Movment. Instead, Milligan and his cohort, having established themselves as the “party elite,” proposed to support the Prince, provided he make certain concessions.

While they hold majority in Baltimore, there are still a few that have survived in DC. Theoretically you can have 5 guy carthian presence in a city and have status 5 among that group in the city, and I think after this many rules a small box saying this is absurd is necessary. Assuming this individual has some obfuscate or protean etc. Covenant Page Carthian Movement tags changed Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access.


Dismissing new ideas out of hand simply because they are not what has been done before is the folly of ignorance, and such folly drives the Carthians to bloody tears. There is also a great number of Devotions developed by Carthians.

And then 2nd edition does its thing and makes all the ,ovement even more elaborate. The other big set is about scale. Clans Covenants History Lexicon Pittsburghese. A protective blood sorcery? Nosferatu are not unheard of, though many find it coushy to just stay with the rest of their clan.

During that fateful night on July 1st,Azraelmet his Final Death. The Anarchs shrugged off the title which had caused confusion since the beginning, and across the western world became the Carthian Movement. Well in the corebook they seemed pretty okay to me. Unlike the other covenants, whose titles often coincide with those of standard positions of authority, the titles of important figures in the Carthian Movement denote levels of responsibility and respect, rather than true authority.

The idea is simple. Most are content to challenge it for the sake of trying to accomplish something positive in a world as bleak as the Kindred’s. In Portland, the Carthians were an carthjan moreso than anything else.

Carthian Movement

One only has to look to a kindred like Deliah, or Smiling Jack to see that while Neonates make up the bulk of the Movement in the modern nights, many ancillae do as well. That prevents the loophole of someone else obfuscating the cartthian. If the Carthians have a single enemy among the Damned, it is calcification. Brujah basically built the entire thing and Caitiff of the Cammarilla usually find that no one else will take them in, and in fact activly scorn them.

Or is it that those elders have long since forgotten?

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