Palmas, 18 de maio de O que é radioterapia. Tratamento com uso de radiação ionizante. Teleterapia x Braquiterapia Precisão de dose é. de sus autoridades e instituciones, ni del trazado de sus fronteras. La mención de nombres de GARANTIA DE CALIDAD DE LOS EQUIPOS DE TELETERAPIA. .. H Formulario para el control de calidad del tratamiento de braquiterapia. T2 e T3, após quimioterapia neoadjuvante, com quadrantectomia e braquiterapia de alta taxa de dose como reforço de dose, teleterapia complementar e.

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Resultados da associação de braquiterapia de alta taxa de dose à teleterapia no câncer

Braquiterapia por alta taxa de dose BATD. Abstract High dose rate brachytherapy has been increasingly recognized in most countries, and radiotherapy services using this equipment are encouraged to have a very efficient quality assurance program to ensure protection for patients, workers and other personnel involved.


The objective of this paper was to determine the types of tests for high dose rate equipment required by official protocols TG40, TG56 and ARCAL XXX and to compare them with ee types of tests utilized by some radiotherapy services. In these protocols annual tests were frequently replaced by tests performed quarterly or twice a year.


This study established the types of test used and their frequency of utilization, and permitted the design of an optimized protocol that may help in the implementation of basic and indispensable tests braquirerapia order to ensure patient adequate treatment and safety to personnel involved, and consequently improve high dose rate brachytherapy quality assurance.

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Determination of absorbed dose in a patient irradiated by beams of X or gamma rays in radiotherapy procedures.

All teleterapiw contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.

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