Bogra Formula. While taking over charge as Prime Minister, Muhammad Ali Bogra declared Constitution making as one of his primary targets. He worked hard. He presented the formula to the “onstituent Assembly on #th $ctober %&'(and it is known as the Bogra formula.)he ma or features of the formula were* •)he. Third Report: Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula () According to 2nd Report: The proposals were revised in the light of the criticism on 2nd.

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Distance was not the only hindrance in inspiring unity between East and West Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula ()

Prime Ministers of Pakistan List. On November 14, a committee was set to draft the constitution according to the approval of the Constituent Assembly. In the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan decided that the Bogar and Urdu would be the national languages of Pakistan. To authors of foreign policy of Pakistan, Bogra’s over-reliance on the United States and his personal anti-communist views destroyed the bilateral relations with the Soviet Union in the s, and put Pakistan’s foreign policy under the dictation formmula the United States despite the popular public opnion.

Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 12 July Bradt Travel Guide — Bangladesh. History of Pakistan Timeline: The province of East Bengal was a Muslim majority area, thus, bgra the time of partition it became East Pakistan.

Akhter Husain Defence Secretary. History of freedom movement in Bangladesh, — By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Inhe presided the policy drafting of the One Unit program as a legal documentation with the support from Governor-General Ghulam Muhammad. The Bogra framework fomula addresses the check and balance to avoid the permanent domination by any five provinces where a provision was made that if the President was elected from the four provinces then the Prime Minister was to be boogra from East Bengal, and vice versa. Essays and Interviews on the Minority Communities of Calcutta.

Formul, the Army, and America’s War on Terror. Under this framework, the larger number of constituencies were given to Bengal which had reserved seats in contrast to Punjab which had 75, Khyber—Pakhtunkhwa, which had 24, Sindh which had 19, and Balochistan which had 17 reserved seats.


Inhe left the ambassadorial assignment after the then- chief martial law administrator Ayub Khan took over the control of the government in from President Iskander Mirza. The Bogra formulae was highly popular and widely welcomed by the people as opposed to the Basic Principles Committee led by Prime Bgora Nazimuddin as it was seen as great enthusiasm amongst the masses as they considered it as a plan that could bridge the gulf between the two wings of Pakistan and would act as a source of unity for the country.

Prime Minister’s Office Islamabad.

University of Calcutta B. However, before the constitution could be finalized, the Assembly was dissolved by Ghulam Muhammad, the then Governor General of Pakistan. So in all both the wings were to have seats each in the two houses of the Legislative Assembly. In order to prevent permanent domination by any wing, a provision was made that if the head of the state was from West Pakistan, the Prime Minister was to be from East Pakistan, and vice versa. In place of the Board of Ulama, the Supreme Court was given the power to decide if a law was in accordance with the basic teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Retrieved 13 February Unlike the two reports of the Basic Principles Committee, the Bogra Formula was appreciated by different sections of the society.

East Pakistan | Humshehri

More Pakistan Modern Day. His constitutional proposal, known as the Bogra Formula, was presented before the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on October 7, For other people named Fromula Ali, see Mohammad Ali disambiguation.

Woodrow Wilson Center Press. Crises, Conflicts and Hope for a Change. The Bogra Formula maintained the principle of parity between East and West Pakistan in combined Houses so that both wings were to get seats each in the Legislative Assembly. Soon after his appointment, he visited China where he began talks with the Chinese leadership that eventually led the historical and peaceful settlement with China on Pakistan’s final frontiers in North.


This marriage for,ula controversial because it constituted polygamy, which was uncommon among the elites of Pakistan.

Mohammad Ali Bogra

The proposal was discussed in bgra Constituent Assembly for 13 days and then a committee was set to draft the constitution. A total of 50 seats were reserved for the Upper House. Retrieved 3 July Makers of Modern Asia. However, before the constitution could be finalized, the Assembly was dissolved by Ghulam Muhammad, the then Governor General of Pakistan.

However, the constitution which was to be drafted in the light of this formula, could not be finalized because the Assembly was dissolved by then Governor General of Pakistan, Ghulam Muhammad.

There was great enthusiasm amongst the masses as they considered it to be a plan that could bridge the gulf between the two wings of Pakistan and would act as formila source of unity for the country.

Imperialism and Bengali nationalism”. Following the failure of reaching concession formuka Bogra Formula, he began working towards the controversial One Unit program that integrated the Four Provinces into a single nation-state and began advocating for such idea when he quoted:.

On 7 Borgahe approved the acting appointment of his Interior Minister Iskander Mirza to take charge as Governor-General Malik Ghulam Muhammad who went to United Kingdom his medical treatment on paralysis that he long suffering. The Globe Pequot Press Inc, The major features of the formula were: In this framework, Bengal had given more seats due to its social homogeneity in the National Assembly than the combined reserved seats for the four provinces and the federal capital which, all were socially heterogeneous and ethically diverse.

A history of US-Pakistan relations. The plan proposed for a Bicameral Legislature with equal representation for all the five provinces forula the country in the Upper House.

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