Betrayal at Krondor Walkthrough. This is the full walkthrough of the best RPG game in the history. You can solve all the sidequests, gain all the scrolls from. the true sequel to Raymond E. Feist’s Betrayal at Krondor–stands ready to lead the This is the meat of the guide, and most of you will want to scarf it up. Walkthrough for Betrayal at Krondor. Chapter 6 – Betrayal .. the Rusalki on the sword to make the Guarda Revanche, the most powerful sword of the game.

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This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. BaK is an old and old-school game with a lot of unique and interesting mechanics.

Steam Community :: Guide :: What should you know before you play Betrayal at Krondor?

I think it still holds up years later, but there are quite a few things worth knowing if you plan to play it for the first time or even replay it after many years right now.

Part explanation of the many basic things you need to know as you start playing, part general walkthrough. This guide owes a lot to the highly detailed: This item has been added to your Favorites. Gameplay BasicsLootSecretsWalkthroughs. As you start the game: As you play basic walkthrough: Old school game, semi-obtuse mechanics – there’s a reason you get a “view manual” option when you launch the game.

Save early, save often, save in different slots. Use the “bookmark” option as a quicksave, but keep a manual save for when you move to a different area, near the start of a new chapter – in general, have a separate save for every few hours of gameplay. Never know when you run into a deadly inescapable situation, or manage to lose an important item.

The main road mostly holds enemy encounters, but there’s likely to be a chest or a hole or a corpse holding goodies behind every hill or dirt path branching off from the road. Alternate between the mini-map and first person view. First person view is great for spotting enemies and items, while the mini-map is great for navigating around and behind terrain going around a hill rather than through one is far more frustrating than it needs to be in first person view Clicking on a particular skill in the character screen marks it with a red icon.

However, the more skills you mark this way, the less of an effect the emphasis has. Generally speaking, you should be running around with skills selected Defense and Accuracy: The cost of rations is utterly offset by the loot you’ll get as you explore.

Don’t be afraid to backtrack as needed, shoving your nose into every nook and cranny. If you’ve spent a while travelling without finding any goodies, cast Eyes of Ishap at full strength over several stretches of road.

Resting out in the wilderness only heals you to a point. To get fully healed, sleep in an inn. Try not to let your characters fall in battle. The healing takes forever and costs a lot. Spellcasters can still cast spells when low on health, but fighters are basically worthless when heavily wounded. Gift of Sung is more useful than it seems at first. Clicking the auto-combat button: Enemies don’t respawn, and you don’t get random encounters though new enemies may appear when you start a new chapter.


Once you cleared an area, you can confidently backtrack in mini-map mode. The game doesn’t have a journal or a quest marker. Feel free to make manual notes about what your party is supposed to be doing now, and what people or points of interest they should keep in mind, and any worthwhile stashes to return to. Talk to everyone, everywhere, then talk to them again when a new chapter starts. If a name was emphasized whether in terms of dialog importance, or an outright emphasis in the textthen it’s probably worth keeping in mind.

For instance, a person in the Krondor tavern has nothing to say during chapter 1, but will give you a major hint about a sidequest during chapter 2. It’s possible to explore most of the gameworld in chapterseven if your current quest directs you elsewhere. I have a suggested order of exploration below, but if you dare and save consistently feel free to ignore it and explore as you will.

As you start the game:. Head east towards Yabon. It has a shop where you should buy a Whetstone and Armorer’s Hammer. This is also the only shop in the Lamut area that will buy looted Moredhel Lampreys.

Have You Played… Betrayal At Krondor? | Rock Paper Shotgun

Those are worth quite a lot to a starting party, so keep this in mind. To expand on the above, different shops buy different items, and offer different prices. You definitely want to loot everything that isn’t nailed down, but later on in the game you’ll want to wait so that you’re selling to the right store. If your inventory is too full, either backtrack to sell some stuff, or find gide nearest Mordehel riddle chest, and store some items there.

Make sure to note the chest’s location.

Betrayal at Krondor

As you spot enemies in first person view, always left click on them. The party will attempt to sneak up on the enemies, improving their Stealth skill and getting the first blow in combat, which is very important.

Crowd control is king. For the entirely negligible casting cost of 2 stamina, Owyn can use “Despair Thy Eyes” to keep enemies locked down throughout the combat. Experiment with spells – quite a few are more useful than they seem, and can win battles on their own Remember that you can wait to regain a bit of health in combat.

Have You Played… Betrayal At Krondor?

Useful near the end of the combat, when the remaining enemies are disabled or weak the one use for the Assessment skill is making sure enemies are too weak to hurt your characters. You can also wait as much as you want when you encounter traps. When you start running into enemy spellcasters, remember that just standing next to them is enough to prevent them from casting.

The humble Invitation spell, which Owyn starts with, can utterly neutralize an enemy mage. Examine right click any Rations you pick up to make sure they are not poisoned or spoiled.

Loot everything your enemies have on them. When you have a bunch of armor and weapons, tag Armorcraft or Weaponcraft as appropriate make sure to stratwgy the other skills firstthen sharpen all your looted swords with a Whetstone and bang away at guid armor with a Hammer.

Designate a specific character Gorath to be the party smith, and have him do all the repairs. If your inventory is packed too full of items to easily trade between party members, remember that you can “discard” some items into a bag to free up space, then pick them right back up when you’re done.

You want designated experts for each utility skill because of the way skills work gudie the more often you use them, the higher they grow. So having a specific character in charge of repairing your stuff is far more effective than having each character mending their own. The same is true for Barding and Haggling, for example Owyn is the obvious contender. Locklear is the obvious Lockpicking pick no pun intended but Gorath will find lockpicking skills very useful after a few chapters.


We want to keep going north-east until we hit a bridge. By the time we see it, ay party should have a blessed Moredhel Lamprey, the spell “Eyes of Ishap”, and a contract to open a chest near Hawk’s Hollow.

If they krondoor, go back west, improving your loot-finding skills along the way. Like, maybe give Gorath the Mordehel Lamprey and Locklear the two-handed broadsword if you only have one of each, but just go with the more expensive weapons otherwise.

The Lamut area is basically a big circle that we’re going to circumnavigate about twice in total, before leaving via the south-east exit as the other travel directions are too dangerous for us right now. So head back to Yabon, then southwards towards Lamut, and pick up the quest there. Interesting fact about “matte painting” screens like Lamut – you can explore it with the mouse, but you can also hit TAB to browse through every possible point of interest, including hidden caches.

Head south, then just before you hit the south-east exit west towards Hawk’s Hollow, picking up the HH chest. Then north towards Tyr Sog, picking up the Ruby along the way. Take note of Michele the Healer in Loriel along the way – a good person to know if you happen to catch the plague.

Head back to Lamut, and return the Ruby. Tag Defense and Acc: Melee, and pay for the training from the tavern owner, and now we have the skills to tackle the dwarven caverns of Mac Mordain Cadal directly south of Lamut before heading south towards Krondor.

As you play basic walkthrough:. The Sarth area leading up to Krondor is basically also a bit of a circle, with the north-western point being Questor’s view and with a bit of an outcropping due north. Circumnavigate it by going east from Questor’s view, heading to Eggley, and THEN exploring the outcropping to the north, including the temple of Silban, before you keep going south-east, into Tanneurs rest at the Inn thereand south to Krondor.

Swing by Sarth for some spellcasting training and to explore the caverns. You’ll get two chances to get combat training in this area Eggley tavern and Questor’s View. I’d suggest skipping them for the moment – you’ll get a new character when chapter 2 starts, and that character will benefit greatly from training.

If you have any skill-raising books, keep or stash them, so that the new character can benefit. You’ll start getting weapon and armor enhancers around now. Armor enhancement only acts to counteract weapon enhnacement – since practically no enemies carry ehnanced weapons in chaptersat the moment these items are vendor trash. On the other hand, weapon enhancements greatly improve your weapon damage, and are great for tough fights such as a certain barn in this area. Weapon enhancements don’t wear off over time you can travel around the world with one activebut are used up in a single battle – provided you hit someone with your weapon during said battle.

Once chapter 2 starts, your party is down to two members. You may want to hurry to the sewer exit to acquire the third, and only then proceed to re-investigate the sewers. Check the entirety of the palace first. If you think some items have been lost, you’ll be able to find them This would be a good time to re-investigate the area around Krondor Sarth has some neat new stuff and maybe get that combat training.

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