Resumen. La arquitectura deconstructivista surge en una exposición, homónimamente titulada, que Philip Johnson y Mark Wigley organizaron. ARQUITECTURA DECONSTRUCTIVISTA FRANK OWEN GEHRY Nació en Toronto Canadá, el 28 de febrero de , es el máximo. Arq. Steve Hermann. Obra: The Glass Pavilion. Ubicación: Montecito, California CARACTERÍSTICAS: Purismo funcional y Estructural.

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Its shard-like form and reduction of content to a minimalist text influenced deconstructivism, with its sense of fragmentation and emphasis on reading the monument. Deconstructivism, meanwhile, maintains a level of self-criticism, as well as external criticism and tends towards maintaining a level of complexity. From Philosophy to Design].

Deconstructivism – Wikipedia

The angular forms deconstructivissta the Ufa Cinema Center by Coop Himmelb l au recall the abstract geometries of the numbered paintings of Franz Klinein their unadorned masses. The grid, as a reference to modernism, of which it is an accoutrement, collides with the medieval antiquity of a castle. One example of deconstrructivista complexity is Frank Gehry ‘s Vitra Design Museum in Weil-am-Rhein, which takes the typical unadorned white cube of modernist art galleries and deconstructs it, using geometries reminiscent of cubism and abstract expressionism.

There is a tendency to re-examine and critique other works or precedents in deconstructivism, and also a tendency to set aesthetic issues in the foreground. The Wexner Center takes arqutiectura archetypal form of the castlewhich it then imbues with complexity in a series of cuts and fragmentations.

Arquitectura deconstructivista by Karliita Guzmán on Prezi

For the philosophical idea, see deconstruction. Gordon Matta-Clark ‘s Building cuts were deconstructed sections of buildings exhibited in art galleries.


Mark Wigley and Philip Johnson curated the Museum of Modern Art exhibition Deconstructivist architecturewhich crystallized the movement, and brought fame and notoriety to its key practitioners. Webarchive template wayback links Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Pages incorrectly using the quote template CS1 French-language sources fr Commons category link is on Wikidata Articles with German-language external links.

Deconstructivism also shares with minimalism a disconnection from cultural references.


Deconstructivism attempts to move away from the supposedly constricting ‘rules’ of modernism such as ” form follows function ,” ” purity of form ,” and ” truth to materials. Similar in composition is the deconstructivist series Micromegas by Daniel Libeskind.

According to Derrida, readings of texts are best carried out when working with classical narrative structures. The projects in this exhibition mark a different sensibility, one in which the dream of pure form has been disturbed. Also, Gehry is noted for producing many physical models as well as computer models as part of his design process.

Some architects identified with the movement, notably Frank Gehryhave actively rejected the classification of their work as deconstructivist. Deconstructivvista show examines an episode, a point of intersection between several architects where each constructs an unsettling building by exploiting the hidden potential of modernism.

All that other stuff, the philosophy arqultectura all, is just bullshit as far as I’m concerned. Genres of modern architecture. From Postmodernism to Deconstructivism,” “Assemblage,” 8pp.


The finished visual appearance is characterized by unpredictability and controlled chaos. Synthetic cubismwith its application of found object art, is not as great an influence on deconstructivism as Analytical cubismbut is deconatructivista found in the earlier and more vernacular works of Frank Gehry. Also lessened or absent is the advocacy of socialist and collectivist causes.

This is close to the thesis of Venturi’s next major work, [5] that signs and ornament can be applied arquihectura a pragmatic architecture, and instill the philosophic complexities of semiology. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Though the computer has made the designing of complex shapes much easier, not everything that looks odd is “deconstructivist. Both were concerned with the radical simplicity of geometric forms as the primary artistic content, expressed in graphics, sculpture and architecture.

The basic building was the subject of problematics and intricacies deconstructovista deconstructivism, with no detachment for ornament. El Croquis Editorial, IzenourCambridge MA,revised Analytical cubism had a sure effect on deconstructivism, as forms and content are dissected and viewed from different perspectives simultaneously.

Views Read Edit View history. The term “Deconstructivism” in contemporary architecture is opposed to the ordered rationality of Modernism and Postmodernism. An example of this is the Wexner Center. A three-dimensional grid, runs somewhat arbitrarily through the building.

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