The Two Pearls of Wisdom is a fantasy novel by Alison Goodman. It follows the story of Eon who has potential to become a Dragoneye, being It was rereleased under the two different titles of Eon: Dragoneye Reborn and Eon: Rise of. The Paperback of the Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Eon Duology Series #1) by Alison Goodman at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Alison Goodman is the author of The Two Pearls of Wisdom (HarperCollins also published in the USA as Eon:Dragoneye Reborn (Penguin US) and in the UK.

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View all 40 comments. She panics, without knowledge as for who to trust except her close friend Lady Dela born a man but who is a woman in spirit and Dela’s bodyguard, the islander Ryko.

But Eon also has a dark secret. Full book review coming soon! Although, the Sheewee and P-mate have erased most of the need to worry dragondye squatting if you do decide that you are, after all, a sitter Expecting to be an apprentice, one of twelve and schooled by a Dragoneye, he is instead thrust into the position of Co-Ascendant, expected to govern the Council and prevent the usurpation of the Emperor’s throne.

Together the Mirror Dragon and Dragoneye force compassion upon Ido and the trio make their escape to the river. Can’t wait for Eona! A power she has no idea how to manifest. I immediately bought hoodman sequel when I finished this one. This book could easily frustrate you, or bore you with details though, as it did for me.

The Two Pearls of Wisdom”. My main issue with this book is this: He knows his chances of success are slim after being crippled, but it’s much more than that.


Hard to do, and parts of it genuinely interested and impressed me. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. They were such a fresh and unique aspect that I wanted to see more of them. This isn’t a cliche woman dressing up as male to manipulate a situation while secretly plotting shit.

Copyright Alison Goodman Jun 02, Kat Kennedy rated it really liked it Shelves: As I said, this book inspired a variety of emotions in me, most of them extreme. One dragonwye point of the audio version which, overall, left a lot to be desired.

I just spent the last five hours reading this book and freaking the hell out. This is impossible because his is the ascendant dragon, but the message is clear; the Mirror Dragon, the Keeper of Truth, holds power over all the other dragons. I felt that the writing was smooth with rich descriptions and powerful characters. Maybe there was too much info-dumping in this book. Rise of the Dragoneye Author s: It’s pretty frustrating to know all the answers and to want to shake them into the character.

Viking Books for Young Readers Availability: If her and her master’s lives depend on keeping the secret of her sex, it’s surprising to ailson that she is given so few details of life after choosing that would help prevent accidental disclosure. It’s during those periods that I get out of my reading comfort zone, and oftentimes find myself truly enjoying something I didn’t think I would.

Now there’s a pretty image for you! Other books in the series. If she gets chosen by the Rat Dragon she will go on to become a Dragoneye apprentice, but there isn’t much hope for her, as rdagoneye is the weakest of her competitors and a cripple. I swear the tension, anxiety and heart palpitations did not stop until the last page.

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

Retrieved 28 December For years, year-old Eon has been training to be a Dragoneye apprentice, a coveted position in which the student serves as the conduit between energy dragons and the human world.


Page 1 of 1 Alsion over Page 1 of 1. BTW, she never did grow a spine.

It’s so uncommon to dragonee a book with such an engaging fantasy story and an intriguing heroine, let alone one that also seamlessly blends magic, a historical feel, and thought-provoking themes. I was terribly hooked to this one. From an early son she trained herself to act like a boy so no one would ever find out her secret. Seriously, when I was halfway through the story, I thought I might have an apoplexy and splatter my overtaxed brains across the walls.

There are long information dumps in places, but it’s not so bad because it’s all pretty interesting. The only reason that I am giving this book two stars is because of the trans character. I can’t wait to see what Eona CAN do in the next book! The jasmine, and incense Apr 28, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it really liked it Shelves: D I wish I could have seen more of the various dragons in action. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional goodmwn in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Eon, #1) by Alison Goodman

This book is YA fantasy, but it definitely doesn’t fall into the standard YA tropes. In this exciting new world, Eon is one of the candidates to become the next Dragoneye apprentice. Alixon found myself skipping large paragraphs of detail that I had no desire to read, as I was more interested in moving the story along than having a very long winded description of their location.

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