AIRBUS All rights reserved. REFERENCE: VLG MSN EC-MLE QRH. Intentionally left blank. A/A/A TRANSMITTAL LETTER. airbus QRH. Uploaded . /// QRH VOL.3 REV THE REGISTRATION NUMBER OF THE AIRCRAFT AS KNOWN BY AIRBUS INDUSTRIE. Airbus AAA – Quick Reference Handbook. Uploaded by rafaelldalpra . THE CROSS REFERENCE BETWEEN/// QRH VOL.

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If he had followed the damn rules, we’d all be dead. It wasn’t Star Trekwhere the names are made up, and the points don’t matter.

These Actual Landing Distances with failure are based on the following assumptions: The PF shall respond after having checked the existing configuration.

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Numbering and index A, B, Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It is a function of number of engines ajrbus in a four-engined aeroplane, the chance of all four engines failing is assumed to be super extremely incredibly unlikely.

The ECAM should be applied first. A VREF table is provided in the summary.

Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) – SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Enviar por e-mail BlogThis! Aviation Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. All-engine-failure in airliners is very very unlikely.


Retrieved from ” https: He switched on the APU immediately after engine blowback.

A320 QRH Bold Title, color title box, etc?

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In some emergency cases, provided the appropriate flight path qru established, the pilot flying may initiate actions before this height.

Here are the excerpts from the QRH for the Adual engine failure. In addition, performance data corrections are also provided for airbua conditions. Something that would not be easy to program an AI pilot to do, or think about. What does Airbus consider more important in their handbook?

This happened to British Airways Flight 9 and to KLM flightwith all four engines switching off due to the ash cloud. Why is powering on the APU so low on the A emergency checklist? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Total engine failure at altitude buys time, and if time is available first priority is to attempt to re-light an engine. He probably knew a relight was not going to happen so quite a bit can be skipped outright.

The assumption was that a multiple engine failure happens at altitude, for instance in cruise while flying through volcanic ashes. Now that a dual engine failure during take-off has actually happened, updating the procedures will be the result of failure analyses: APU will probably be off during cruise, and given the choice to re-light an engine or to light the APU it is clearly the engine that is the most beneficial to start.


Starting the APU is actually the 11th item on the checklist for dual engine failure, and quite a few items can be skipped like the relight attempt, oxygen masks, notifying ATC, etc.

QRH for A – The AIRBUS Forum – The AVSIM Community

In the movie Sully we have this section of dialogue He wasn’t following proper procedure at all. According to the Airbus that’s the 15th thing on the list to do. In the movie Sully we have this section of dialogue. To fulfil its objectives, the QRH reflects a high degree of presentation ergonomics in order to be error-resistant in the challenging context of the simulator during training or real world during airbuus operation.

This strategy may include successive phases and each phase includes action steps that may be linked to a pre-condition i.

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