Aion Getting Started Guides; Guides for all New Aion Players. These guides Lots of people roll a cleric not realizing how slow it is. You got to look at the end. The Unofficial Aion Cleric Guide. Important. The short version. This document is a single-user license. Please don’t copy or share it. The long version. the issue is everybody makes new topic and wants to get FULL guide about gear, stigmas for each case of life. For cleric there are many sets.

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Cleric questions and other issues – Classes Discussion – Aion Online

Doing PvP instances gives you PvP stuff. Edited September 17 by Capa-KT. As for instances, if you’ve been spamming them then you’ve surely got a better sample than me. I know that knowledge give dmg but is it worth in pve?

Not trying to sound dumb, but does that mean no one can use greatsword? I was spamming instances and I haven’t seen the Shugo a single time. Q-Q Last time I read about it, it wasn’t so much.

Aion Cleric Class Guide created by Moses

aon That way you can flip between them quickly depending on which type of damage you are trying to withstand. Do your Luna instances, because NCWest will modify the drops and items obtainable in it. This is it for now, I’ll edit my post once I remind myself of other things that I forgot about.

You cannot level past 55 unless you do campaign.

They need to be -all- agility or all will. Besides, they’re getting buffed in 6.


cleric TIPS

If you are only going to have one, I would get the agility set. Agility is a thing now too?

Because I’m about to have an angry husband and me if templar can’t use greatswords period after how much we dropped into getting him this specific greatsword skin. A cleric does indeed need 4 or more sets if they want to PvP and PvE and heal and dps. Sure they needed to add new things and freshen things up also streamline the leveling process a bit.

Legendary grades purple are near impossible. However, EU has also “Selective re-identification” in which you use Luna to apply higher stats to your gear. Things to remember This patch will not be for everyone.

At any rate, Quna is Korea-exclusive and I doubt we will get it here. I read through it all and appreciate it a lot that you took your time to sum it up. The post was edited 1 time, last by plsclericpls Mar 11th6: They’re easy and fast, and you get a specific item that you use to buy better Aio gear, which then you also use to purify gulde the next grade.

I think I was wrong on that, but I haven’t really seen a lot of Gladiators with dual swords. Sign up for a new account in our community. Started to play on cleric. When I tried to find the selective identification on my KR account, it wasn’t there, I wonder if it’s because I used ancient grade? I feel dizzy just thinking about all those stats. Cradle of Eternity is 3-man and it feels like a boss rush mode, you can practically solo it if you get a slightly better gear.

The gear limitations, ie: Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. This goes for weapons as well. If you have Aetherforging maxed or at a certain level, you can farm mats in the open world to craft your other PvE or PvP gear.


Otherwise, that thing goes poof forever. For PvP you need sets that increase your PvP attack and defense. If you have Kinah stored in your warehouse or legion warehouse, move it to your mains. Instead of getting rewards every floor, you get a Coin you use to buy stuff from an NPC.

If you solo PvP, having a Knowledge set is necessary since you cannot always whittle away at your opponents and hope to win in a battle of attrition. Should i buy both Infinity Insignia sets one with paralysis resistanceand with block manastones one with silence resistance with mr manastones and which accessorie set should i buy also should i use the rune heroe set leather or chain for solo pve with magic boost manastones Thanks for your help in advance. Kubei’s guide for 6. For cleric there are many sets, so it will be very long guide.

Kinda too late for that. Anything less IMO is a bit iffy, but if you’re not at all competitive, it doesn’t matter. The gears you get as drop in instances aipn both skins and can be sold to NPC for kinah. You cannot mix and match the sets. Who knows, maybe 7.

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