The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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Whetting his tender Wit upon the sandy Stone of her edging Importunity, to appease her, and preserve his own Honour by remaining faithful, he thus resolved her. The words however are not Hebrew.

Nor should any other Kind of Division ever be admitted among Free-Masons.

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Also the Regulations of the Stewards Lodge, or Committee for Charity, as they have been approved of and practiced by the ancient York-Masons in England since the Year HERE I cannot forbear saying, that I have known Men whose Intentions were very hones, and without any evil design commit great Errors, and sometimes been the Destruction of good Lodges; and this occasioned by their Brethren hurrying them indiscreedy into Offices, wherein reozn slender Knowledge of Masonry rendered them incapable of executing the Business committed to their Charge, to the great Detriment of the Craft and their own Dishonour.

AND I honestly recommend Free-Masonry, as the most sovereign Animan to purge out the above, or such other Ahiamn and regular Lodges, as the only Seminaries where Men in the most pleasant and clearest Manner may hear, understand, and learn their Duty to God; and also to their Neighbours. But to avoid disputes, the Grand-Master usually gives a particular commission, under his Hand and Seal of Office countersigned by the Grand Secretary to the senior Grand Warden, or in his Absence to the junior, to act as Deputy Grand-Master when the Deputy is not in Town.

Accordingly, Laurence Dermott, who was at one time their Grand Secretary, and afterward their Deputy Grand Master, compiled such a work, the first edition of which was published by James Bedford, at London, inwith the following title: The Petitioners also are to attend if in or adjacent to London except in Cases of Sickness, Lameness, or Imprisonment.

HE is to be a Lover of the Arts and Sciences, and is to take all Opportunities to improve himself therein.

The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge 1825

THEN the Grand-Master placing the Candidate on his Left-Hand, and having asked and obtained the unanimous Consent of the Brethren, ahiiman say after some other Ceremonies and Expressions that cannot be writtenI constitute and form these good Brethren into a new regular Lodge, and appoint you, Brother A.

But this Regulation is neglected for several Reasons, and is now obsolete. And all Times let thy Garments be White. Speak thou art the elder; for rszon becometh thee; but with sound Judgment; and hinder not Music.

But the Grand Installation is not performed until the real new Grand-Master is present. The Men made Masons must be free-born or no Bondmenof mature Age, and tezon good Report; hail and sound, not deformed or dismembered, at the Time of their making; but no Woman, No Eunuch.

Concerning Grand Officers visiting Lodges, and by whom Lodges are to be constituted. Nevertheless, to avoid the like Inconveniency for the future, it was determined that thence forward they should bring their own Sons no more into the Senate; only young Papirius who was freely accepted, and his Secrecy and discreet Policy not only applauded, but himself with Titles of Honour dignified and rewarded.

Whether any such Histories are of any Use in the secret Mysteries of the Craft 2 — Next after the Title at the Head of every Chapter except the ninth of the Alcoran, is prefixed the following solemn Form: All Masons shall meekly receive their Wages without murmuring or Mutiny, and not desert the [30] Master till the Lord’s Auiman is finished; they must avoid ill Language, calling each other Brother or Fellow with much courtesy, both within and without the Lodge; they shall instruct a younger Brother to become bright and expert, that the Lord’s Materials may not be spoiled.


By the time the Ancients rezonn Moderns united ineight editions had been published. Behaviour at meeting without Strangers, but not in erzon formed Lodge. Transactions of Lodges to be written in their Books, and Lodges removed shall be reported to the Grand-Secretary.

Free and Accepted Masons have ever been charged, to avoid all Manner of slandering and backbiting of true and faithful Brethren, or talking disrespectfully of a Brother’s Performance or Person, and all Malice or unjust Resentment; nay, you must not suffer any others to reproach an honest Brother, but defend his Character as far is consistent with Honour, Safety and Prudence; though no farther. IN the following Sheets I have inserted nothing but what are undeniable Truths, which will be found if observed to be of great Use to the Fraternity, and likewise to Numbers that are not of the Society; to the [xvii] qhiman, because it will in some Measure show them their Folly in ridiculing a Society founded upon Religion, Morality, Brotherly-Love, and good Fellowship; and those of a more gentle and better polished Nature, give them an Opportunity of examining themselves, and judging how much they are endued with the necessary Qualifications of a Free-Mason, before they apply to be Members of the Society.

Horace, among his continual Laws, would have every Man keep secret whatsoever was done or said; For this Reason the Athenians were wont when they met at any Feast that the most ancient among them [8] should shew every Brother the Door whereat they entered, said, Take Heed that no so much as one Word pass out from hence, of whatsoever shall here be acted or spoken.

I shall not mention the Cause of the above new Regulation being made, but [56] certain it is that real Free-Masons have no Occasion for any such Regulation, they being able to distinguish a true Brother, let his Country or Language be ever so remote or obscure to us; nor is it in the Power of false Ahjman to deceive us.

Seeing that extraneous Brothers have been rezin made in a clandestine Manner; that is, in no regular Lodge, nor by any Authority or Dispensation from the Grand-Master, and upon small and tezon Considerations [I ], to the Dishonour of the Craft. HE is to treat his Inferiors as he would have his Superiors deal with him, wisely considering that the Original of Mankind is the same; and though Masonry divests no Man of his Honour, yet does the Craft admit that strictly to pursue the Paths of Virtue, whereby a clear Conscience may be preserved, is the only Method to make any Man noble.

But by Virtue of his Office, as Treasurer, without any other Qualification, he shall not vote in choosing a new Grand-Master and Grand-Wardens, tho’ in every other Transaction. The Master and the Masons shall faithfully finish the Lord’s Work, whether Task or Journey; nor shall they take the Work at Task, which hath been accustomed to Journey. Any Brother may send in a Petition or Recommendation, but none are admitted to sit and hear the Debates but the Grand Officers, Treasurer, Secretary, and the eight Masters summoned for that Purpose.

Quintus Curtius tells us, that the Persians held it an as inviolable Law to punish most grievously and much more than any other Trespass him that discovered any Secret; for Confirmation thereof, he, says King Darius, being vanquished by Alexander, had made his Escape so far as to hide himself where he thought he might rest secure; no Tortures whatsoever, or liberal Promises of Recompense, could prevail with the faithful Brethren that knew it, or compel them to disclose it to any Person; And furthermore says, that no Man ought to commit any Matter of Consequence to him that cannot truly keep a secret.

This melancholy News blew up such a brain-sick Passion, that the Ladies immediately assembled; and though some say falsely that a Parliament of Women are seldom governed by one Speaker, yet this Affair being so urgent, the Haste as pertinent, and the Case on their Behalf merely [6] indulgent, the revealing Woman must prolocute for herself and the rest.

None who make a stated Lodge without the Grand-Master’s Warrant, shall be admitted into regular Lodges, till they make due Submission and obtain Grace. In the mean Time I am well assured, that none by Strangers to the Craft, and ungenerous Enemies to good Society, will doubt the Veracity of what is here inserted concerning Free-Masonry.


In whose Power to make new Regulations June 5, – October 13, He kindly received it and read it over, whilst I impatiently waited to hear his Opinion; which at last to my Mortification amounted to no more than an old Hebrew Proverb which Ahiman translated thus: It was agreed in the Grand Lodge, that no Petitions and Appeals shall be heard on the Annual Grand Lodge or Feast-Day; nor shall any Business be transacted that tends to interrupt the Harmony of the Assembly, but all shall be referred to the next Grand Lodge.

The End of the old Regulations. I have heard of many others of later Date not so far distant as Fequin 4 that have preferr’d to Places or Offices of great Trust, and dignified with Titles of Honour, without having the least Claim to Courage, Wit, Learning, or Honesty; therefore if such Occurrences be duly considered, I humbly conceive it will not deem’d as a capital Offence, that I should entertain my own perpetual Notion, while I do not endeavour to disinherit any Man of his Properties.

Exhibition – Ahiman Rezon: The Legacy of Laurence Dermott

A MASON is to pay due Obedience to the Authority of his Master and presiding Officers, and to behave himself meekly amongst his Brethren; neither neglecting his usual Occupation for the Sake of Company, in running from one Lodge to another; [D- 17] nor quarrel with the ignorant Multitude, for their ridiculous [sic] Aspersions concerning it; But at his leisure Hours he is required to study the Arts and Sciences with a diligent Mind, that he may not only perform his Duty to his great Creator, but also to his Neighbour and himself; For to walk humbly in the Sight of God, to do Justice, and love Mercy, are the certain Characteristics of a Real Free and Accepted Mason; Which Qualifications I humbly hope they will possess to the End of Time; and I dare venture to say, that every true Brother will join with me in.

I could mention many other Circumstances of the Excellency of Secrecy; and I dare venture to say that the greatest [9-C] Honour, Justice, Truth, and Fidelity, has been always found amongst those who could keep their own and others Secrets; and this is most nobly set forth by Horace, who says: A MASON, in regard to himself, is carefully to avoid all Manner of Intemperance, or Excess, which might obstruct him in the Performance of the necessary Duties of his laudable Profession, or lead him into any Crimes which would reflect Dishonour upon the ancient Fraternity.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. ONE of the principal Parts that makes a Man be deemed wise, is his intelligent Strength and Ability to cover and conceal such honest Secrets as are committed to him, as well as his own serious Affairs.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. I insensibly fell into a Slumber, when me-thought four Men entered my Room; their Habits appeared to be of very ancient Fashion, and their Language also I imagined to be either Hebrew, Arabic, or Chaldean, in which they addressed me, and I immediately answered [xi] them after the Pantomine Fashion; After some formal Ceremonies, I desired to know their names and from whence they came; to which one of them answered me in English We are four Brothers, and came from the holy City of Jerusalem; our Names are Shallum, Ahiman, Akhub, and Talmon.

And if the Members of the Grand Lodge cannot reconcile the Grand-Master with his Deputy or Wardens, they are to allow the Grand-Master to discharge his Deputy or Wardens, and to choose another Deputy immediately, and the same Grand Loge, in that Case, shall forthwith choose other Grand- Wardens, so that Harmony and Peace may be preserved.

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