ePHOTOzine has partnered up with to bring you a selection of Agfa Isolette 1 instruction manuals and related photographic literature for. The Agfa Super Isolette completes the wide range of Agfa Isolette models, known The camera is equipped with the four-element F – mm anastigmat Agfa. The Isolette V, made from to ’52, has Agfa’s entry-level f/ Agnar . User’s manual for the Isolette V at Richard Urmonas’ homepage.

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This in turn is the basis of the Automatic 66which has a coupled rangefinder and a light meter coupled to give aperture-priority AE.

Agfa Isolette II

The rangefinder is operated with a small knurled thumb-wheel on the right hand of the raised part of the top housing, and the distance is read off and isoletts to the lens, which has front-element focusing like all the Isolettes.

Double exposure prevention, indicated by a red or silver dot on the top of the camera. Most are synchronised some have switchable M and X-synchronisation.

The Isolette L is a viewfinder camera. The shutter release is on the body.

Most of these have Ansco-branded equivalents in the Speedex line, though the Speedex Jr models are feature-reduced consumer-level cameras. The older one has scale in feet, 3 feet to infinity; the newer one is in meters, 1m to infinity. And the test roll I shot tells kanual the lens deserves its good reputation. Note the manuall in the front element surrounds, the glass coating, and the M-F switch on the older model for bulb sync vs flash sync.


Note the control added to offer ‘T’ as well as ‘B’ shutter. If not wound film or no the shutter release is locked.

Personal tools Log in. The camera has an accessory shoe above the viewfinder. Overall, pretty straightforward as folders go.

Agfa Isolette 1 Instruction Manuals

The thick knurled disc on the right of the picture is a film-type reminder dial. The camera has some of the features of the Isolette II and III; the film advance knob is on the right, and has a double-exposure prevention interlock, with a red indicator spot in a tiny window.

Like most of the post-War Isolettes, the camera takes 30 mm push-on hood and filters. Like the original Isolette, the L has hinged blinds mounted on the film roller spindles, allowing it to be used for two different formats.

Isolette – – The free camera encyclopedia

There was also the Super Isolettea coupled-rangefinder camera. To close it just bend the arms in at the elbows and snap the front shut. All have front-element focusing. The viewfinder can also be masked for this format, with a small lever beside the cold shoe.

Flickr image Agfa film German 6×6 viewfinder folding German 4. The Isolette series, and its kissing cousins in the Ansco Speedex series also made by Agfa for Ansco had several versions. The button to unfold the camera is a smaller button on the left end of the top housing; presumably to make space for the meter in the top housing. This first model is usolette dual format camera. Film advance is by a wide, flat knob, using a red window ; there are two red windows in the back, one for each film format, and a swivelling cover for the upper 4.


There is a swing-out spool holder iso,ette the supply side of the film chamber. This camera also has loops to attach a strap, the only version of the Isolette to have these.

It was made by Agfa Kamerawerk AG, Munich, Germany, from[1] and the series of cameras continued until about And then there are model-year variations among the individual types…. Most of the lenses are still uncoated. The upright metal strip at the side mqnual the shutter is the release.

The first post-War model was made from till Kind of like being slightly stopped down without stopping down…. It has an uncoupled match-needle selenium lightmeter mounted in the top mxnual.

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