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Where Brands and Stores Connect to Create Great Retail Relationships

How it works

Sign Up & Search

Sign up and create your profile for free. Brands can search for boutiques around the country; boutiques can do the same. Behind the scenes, PopInShop also makes weekly recommendations to boutiques and lets brands know when they have a potential match.

Create Proposals

Brands and stores submit proposals, where they specify details like dates, payment terms, and other logistical details. Proposals can be negotiated and accepted, with brands and stores messaging each other directly to finalize the campaign.

Manage Campaigns

Brands share inventory lists, tracking numbers, and marketing collateral. Stores share promotional details and sales performance. After the campaign, stores transfer payment to brands for goods sold, and coordinate returns, extensions, and buy-outs.

What can we do for your store?

  • INCREASE REVENUE by sourcing new and unique brands that will drive sales and foot traffic to your store.

  • REDUCE COST through rapid inventory turnover while taking on no additional cost or inventory risk.

  • IMPROVE EFFICIENCY by reducing communication overhead using our standardized tools and workflow.

What can we do for your brand?

  • INCREASE SALES by placing product into quality boutiques and cross-promoting with local shops.

  • ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS by reaching customers in new markets across the US

  • STANDARDIZE TRANSACTIONS by using a single platform to manage pop-ups, trunk shows, consignment, & other retail campaigns.

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